The new Platoon 3 campaign, Return of the Mammalians, offers new versions of the Platoon formula. With a lot of content, a deeper story and a unique level design, it is the largest platoon campaign so far. Players may be curious, however, if they can make the game more or less difficult than it is. Here is How to change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3 .

Change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3

Platoon 3 does not have a change of adequate difficulty within the game campaign . The level design cannot be changed to make it easier or more difficult, and the game has no configurations to change the number of enemies or the damage they offer. That said, there is a way to change the difficulty of the levels in the campaign.

When you start a level at return of the mammalians, you usually have the option to choose which weapon can you use when you play. Different weapons offer different amounts of power eggs when a level completes. This is essentially its change of difficulty: weapons that offer smaller rewards are usually easy mode, while weapons with the greatest rewards are essentially difficult. Of course, when the game recommends a specific weapon to use, that is what can be considered the normal or medium difficulty.

That is all we have How to change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3 . Follow to get more Platoon 3 guides, including a look at how you can play multiplayer in line with friends.

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