Kirby Super Deluxe in Kirby Super Deluxe in the YouTube channel Mahavira Samurai Mahavira Samurai Games by Mahavira Samurai, a game creator known for Kirby of the Stars and Kirby of the Stars ** A video explaining the plan concept has been released.

In the video, the two-player play and the omnibus became a major concept of this work, and the concept of copy hat was born accordingly, and the horror scenario revealed in 2017, Haze. The existence of no Kan is described with the setting materials.

It seems that the implementation was considered with Mario’s creator, Shiner Miyamoto, but in the video, Samurai was jokingly joking, saying, I have a difficult task…. However, this is a feature of this work, such as adding physical strength to enemies and using variations to use copy abilities, and it seems that various elements inherited in the series have been created in the series.

At that time, it was in the tendency that the game content of the game console would be a feature, but I felt that this work was an omnibus format because I felt the limit. At the same time, it also mentions the horror scenario Haze no Museum, a horror scenario that operates Kirby, which exists in the planning stage. It seems that it was cut due to schedule and capacity, but many people think they wanted to play.

In the video, it explains various other factors and the difficulties of development. If you are interested, we recommend that you watch it.