The National Assembly’s Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission has been actively discussing the ‘Free Ride Prevention Act’, and the global content provider (GCP) also needs to raise funds such as the Korea Communications Development Fund.

Han Sang-hyuk, chairman of the korea communications commission, agrees, but should be approached carefully.

Representative Park Kwangju said in a national audit of the National Assembly on June 6, saying, The global online video service (OUT) is not contributing to public resources.

Park pointed out that Global OUT operators have a change in the domestic media contents ecosystem and activate content production, he said.

At the same time, he asked a chairman, Do you know that a bill was submitted to the revision of the Framework Act on Broadcasting and Communication Development and to collect a room based on some user sales?

In addition to the method of imposing an obligation to conclude a network use contract of the Content Business Law through the revision of the Telecommunications Business Act, it is raised that the network of the network may be resolved by inducing the participation of funds through the revision of the Framework Act on Broadcasting and Telecommunications.

Chairman Han said, In principle, if you make a profit from the right side, you should contribute to that part. We need to think about problems that are likely to be acceptable and the impact on the industry.

Park noted that there is a law and discussion in Europe and the United States that platform companies and Cps have to make social contributions. He asked, Do you know that you need to make a fund that participates in some Cps like the United States and Europe as you need to be upgraded?

Han replied, I know about the part.