Werewolf By Night, a Halloween special that is currently broadcast on Disney+, expands even more in the MCU horror corner. In doing so, there are several new characters and terms that could be very important in the future, with a character, in particular, Elsa Blood stone and the Blood stone of her. So, Who exactly is Elsa Blood stone, and what is Blood stone? Well, has the answer for you.

* WARNING: Werewolf by Night spoilers are below. ***


Who is Elsa Blood stone at Werewolf by Night?

Ulysses Blood stone’s daughter, Elsa, is one of the hunters who try to become the successor of Blood stone hunting Man-Thing, which is the configuration of Werewolf by Night. This is because, for reasons in the majority unknown, Elsa had distanced himself from her father, although it is insinuated that the stepmother of her Versus was, at least in part, responsible for being distanced from her. In the comics, his tense relationship is due in large part to which Ulysses was super strict and basically tortuous in the challenges he put his daughter with her training.

During Halloween special events, Elsa becomes a friend of Jack Russell, who ends up killing the Guards of the Blood stone estate. Then, in the special climax, Man-Thing ends up killing Versus, which allows Elsa to take care of her father’s property, and she claims the Blood stone in the final moments of the special.

What is hematite in Werewolf by Night?

The only reason why hunters are hunting Man-Thing is to try to become the new owner of Blood st1. However, due to the special events, Elsa becomes the last standing, which makes her the owner of Blood stone.

In the comics, the Blood stone was found by Ulysses Blood stone in a meteorite that crashed on Earth thousands of years ago, during the BC era. Blood stone gave Ulysses the power of immortality, along with other skills such as superhuman force. In the MCU, however, we see that it can be used mainly in monster hunting, which is mainly seen by how Jack Russell incapacitated.

The MCU has not made it clear until now how exactly Blood stone arose or even the details of what he can do, so we can only get out of what we have seen and assume that it could be similar to the comics.

That is all you need to know about ** Who is Elsa Blood stone and what is exactly Blood stone in Werewolf by Night.

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