Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 14th that it has updated the Maple Story theme on Nixon Town, a mobile virtual world community platform.

With this update, the popular Maple Story, Tennessee and the Union Conference Hall, will be added as a new space. Unlike the virtual spaces of Nixon Town, the new Maple Story space is characterized by the emotion of ‘Maple Story’ by implementing a 2D side scroll.


In addition, six popular characters such as Pass finder, Arc, Mercedes, and Cadenza are updated as avatar transformation characters, and Adel’s hair and costumes are added to the avatar decorating items.

In addition, a item store will be introduced to buy gold and various decorating items. Gold can be obtained through attendance checks, and 1,000 gold will be paid in one attendance and seven consecutive attendance.

When the 7th attendance is completed, the attendance check is initialized, allowing more gold to acquire more gold. In addition, a new party room, where you can enjoy a virtual party against the backdrop of a gorgeous party decoration, will also be introduced.