Without too much surprise, Blizzard recently revealed the official release date of the World of Warcraft: Dragon flight. Therefore, it will last one month, since its implementation is scheduled for on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 on European servers. It will be divided into two parts, which are:

Part 1: * Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (talents, user interface, classified solo tail, race and class combinations)
Part 2: * Wednesday, November 16, 2022 (Rather Evoke, Forbidden Reaches, Andaman: Try’s Legacy and Elemental Invasions)

This event will present to the players the next events of the Dragon flight expansion. If you are new on Wow, do not expect to be able to step on the Dragon Islands: it will only be possible from November 29, and not before!

Dragon flight Prepare Part 1

Release date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

During this first phase of the preparation, Blizzard plans to implement only some main elements of the next expansion. Among the most outstanding and interesting for all, is above all the arrival of the new talent trees: goodbye to the few talent lines that you knew from Mists of Mandarin, this new extension offers a return to the old version of these with some characteristics New!:

  • 30 points to spend (at level 70) in your class tree to choose your generic accessible skills accessible to all your class specializations.
  • 31 points to spend (at level 70) in your specialization tree to refine your choices and specialize in the role you want to play (tank, DPs or healer), but also in the different branches within this same roles tree.

However, and although it is undoubtedly the true novelty that will arrive on October 26, other elements will arise at the same time:

* Interface: Many Add-ons inspired to update the interface, especially in the options they offer. But if you prefer the previous one, do not scare yourself: it will also be available!

Accessibility: * In the same line as with the changes made in the interface, Blizzard has chosen to simplify and above all more flexible the accessibility of the game for players. Joystick gameplay, keys of keys or the ability to launch spells by pressing or holding a key on the keyboard… The possibilities are wider than ever.
Only Brew: Only Brew that was introduced with patch 9.2 and that allowed players to practice in the sand in just queue makes a return since this mode is available classified, which allows you to acquire Seasonal rewards, achievements and even its weekly rewards of Grand Vault.
Combinations of races and classes: Rogue, priests and magicians can, for the first time in Wow, be embodied by any race. Even Lauren.

It is an extra that will allow anyone who has not had the time or opportunity to set foot in the Dragon flight beta takes the time to get used to important changes mainly in their class. A small breath much appreciated before jumping to the bottom!

Part 2 of the Dragon flight Previous Patch

Release date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Draracthyr Evocative launch *
launch of The Draracthyrs starting zone
New event: Primal storms (with new missions, equipment and, of course, history)
* New dungeon: Andaman, Try’s legacy

It is at this time that serious things really begin. First is the arrival of the fearsome Evoke Rather to the game. Inevitably, since they begin the adventure at level 68 in Dragon Islands, it is also time for Blizzard to display the starting zone for the Tractors that the other races will have a lot of time to discover in the coming months…

Last but not least, the event will also land on this date! By presenting new temporary missions and elementary invasions throughout Zeroth, it will allow players to discover what will take them two weeks later to go to the Dragon Islands, but also, of course, to equip themselves with a minimum team thanks to level 252.

A great advantage for the adventures that is coming. A new dungeon will also appear for the occasion at the end of the intrigue that you will discover: Andaman, Try’s legacy, a redesigned version of one of the first dungeons of the game in which you will have to venture to find the legacy of the crafts of the Titans…