With a virtually unpolluted smile and without letting criticism and bad comments affect his yield in the crack, one of the most charismatic players in recent years is again a unique opportunity to win the Worlds of League of Legends. After staying at the doors to achieve it with T1, the gen.G or LGD itself, the veteran South Korean jungle seeks its personal redemption

In this article we talked about Han Peanut Wang-ho , current jungle of gen.g and who is going through one of his best moments of his career as a professional player, after having a career with the occasional high performance and in which also external noise and social networks could end their career.

However, in these last two years, after returning to your country, we have seen its best version leading two totally different projects. One full of young talents such as in Nongsheem Red Force, taking the MVP in summer and this year that of Gen. G, where the MVP prize of the final was held in which they defeated T1

The harsh reality behind the life of a player

Peanut tried the experience of playing at the LPL and arrived at the World Cups with LGD. The Chinese picture had some problems to qualify for the group stage, and the fans focused the focus of criticism towards the South Korean. The networks showed the worst version of these with numerous teasing and mockery towards him, unfairly.

Unfortunately, the thing went further, and as counted in Weibo, an undesirable one passed through an amateur of the team, with the purpose of sending gifts to the players. This is normal, since many fans do it, however, this gift became a nightmare and exceeded a red line that they should never cross . What really came was not a gift, it was a funeral crown for Peanut.

This was able to end the jungle race, and move from playing in a country away from yours and receiving this type of threats, mentally they sink any1. Luckily, his return to Korea showed us the version that is expected of him with more than noticeable performances.

To a lesser extent, Peanut made the leap to Set T1, a ‘obligatory’ team to win, after all his history in recent years and being Faker in his performance peak. With a great first split in which he had skills of prominence, the style of team play and a more tanks-focused goal, caused an end of cycle and a change of dynasty in the international picture of League of Legends.


With this pressure mentioned and always forced to give Maximo , Peanut could be one of the so-called broken toys, since there was even a section of that year on the bench. We can see this, to some extent, in traditional sport, when some young and promising player for one of the best clubs in the world and a lot is expected of them. Some manage to overcome that mental barrier, but many stay in the attempt, even some race ends after it.

always with optimism and a smile

In spite of all this transpose, The 24-year-old has always taken with a smile and with optimism . In many interviews he has given throughout his career, South Korean has always shown his fun facet despite the circumstances.

Since it became known in Box Tigers until now, Peanut has always been quite loved by a large sector of the community. The MVP of the LCK finals this year, has returned for its fuels and seems that we will have Peanut for Long, seen its current performance.

Peanut has not had many things in his career , despite the good teams around him. Again it seems that he enjoys the game again, and when the jugs smile like this, all we can do is enjoy them and continue to give their maximum potential within the invoked’s crack.