With November, just a few hours away, the time has come to know everything that will reach Netflix next month. On this occasion not only will it be released what live mexico! , Luis Estrada’s next movie, but series like the cup head show and the crown are back with new seasons.


-Junes Highness: Season 2-November 1

-Blockbuster-November 3

-The fabulous life-November 4

-Manifesto: Season 4-November 4

-The secret of the GREC family-November 4

-The Crown: Season 5-November 9

-ZAC EFRON: with the feet on the ground-Season 2: Australia-November 11

-It’s living: Season 2-November 16

-Riverdale: Season 6-November 16

-1899-November 17

-Richards for me: Season 3-November 17

-Late: Season 6-November 18

-Somebody-November 18

-Merlina-November 23

-How much does blood weigh?-November 25


-Mr. Bean’s vacation-November 1

-Miami Vice-November 1

-Nola Holmes 2-November 4

-The Claus Family-November 8

-A football movie… and mutants-November 9

-Cavity suddenly-November 10

-The Dad Dragon-November 11

-Hurray Mexico!-Nov. 16

-The prodigy-November 16

-Cavity with you-November 17

-The dream country-November 18

-The wow-November 23

-The swimmers-November 23

-Cavity on the farm-November 23

-The newspaper-November 24

-A man of action-November 30

-A Prince in New York-November 30


-The FIFA entertainment-November 9

-The capture of the murderous nurse-November 11

-Trevor Noah: I wish you wouled-November 22

-The chronicles of the taco: Cross the border-November 23

-Sanger, sex and royalty-November 23

-Ghislaine Maxwell: disgustingly rich-November 25

-Take your pills: Xanax-November 30

Children and Anime Series:

-Collecting you-November 1

-On November 2-1

-Principe de los Dragons: Season 4-November 3

-Apari3ncias-November 4

-Mines and his friends: Volume 2-November 8

-Teletubbies-November 14

-Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp-Mysterious Adventure-November 15

-The Cup head show!: Season 3-November 18

-Tory bots respond-November 21

-My Little Pony: Leave your brand-Chapter 3-November 21

-Thomas & Friends: The mystery of the Miranda Mirror