After several Twitch rivals full of problems in which Le Minecraft has been the main protagonist, Autoplay next to his Planet agency have chosen to create a new competition , but this time away from the game of the cubes and closer to a title that does not stop earning money every time it appears: Grand Theft Auto V online. The fifth installment of the most profitable saga in the history of video games will star in a racing competition in which we will see all kinds of participants.

From Rubies to Autoplay himself, going through experts such as Daniel and Kerry to newbies like Abby or Disaster who want to surprise in this competition, one in which randomness seems to be the protagonist and the Skills with cars will stay in something secondary. Of course, there are great absent as I was i, but this is due more than anything for the opportunity that Riot gave him to be able to broadcast the World Final for free through his channel.

GTA online racing participants


The dates on which the event will be held will be from November 3 to 4 , that is, that it will begin today, at 19: 00 Spanish time . We still do not know exactly how the issue of score will work, but the safest thing is that between 5 and 10 races are carried out and, depending on the position that end in each of them they will gain a certain amount of points and that they will accumulate until the end. There is also a qualifying phase so that the races are not so chaotic and see the 10 best fight for the prize.