The last Adventurer’s Trials event has made its official debut the Genshin Impact Version 3.2, where travelers can try their abilities in fun challenges and win rewards. Each round allows you to play with several characters, including Klee, Razor, Bahia and many more. So, if you want to know more about these challenges, here are How to complete the Adventurer’s Trials event in Genshin Impact .

GENSHIN IMPACT Adventure Test Event Guide

To start the event tests of the adventurer in Gen shin Impacted to open the event summary page and meet the adventure range requirement 20. These tasks are only available for limited time and will end on November 11.

In total, there are five challenges: Sequential test: I, Sequential test: II, Sequential test: III, Sequential test: IV and the fortuitous test. Each test includes three timed rounds with family enemies, such as the Slime and Abyss Mages. You can make these challenges alone or select ‘combine’ to play as a team with other travelers. But since there are different stages, we will break down to help you complete these tests.

How to complete sequential test 1 in Genshin Impact

In the first section of the Adventurer’s Trials event, players must finish Superfast Hat Trick, Smash ‘N’ Bash and Shield breaker. These are the rewards of this challenge:

  • 60 firstborn
  • 20000 Morey
  • 2 Philosophies of freedom
  • 6 adventurer experience

Hat-trick ultra-grape

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The Superfast Hat Trick is a football game in which you must use the elementary powers of Santa or Klee to kick 35 silt to Vine’s goals. Fortunately, these enemies will not make any attack against you, and there are four objectives around the area to facilitate the process.

As time passes, green objects will block the goal and players must time their blows to avoid these barriers.

Smash ‘N’ Bash

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In Smash ‘N’ Bash Adventurer Trial, players must destroy 220 rocks using razor’s powerful blows. The best way to quickly achieve this feat is to aim at Explosive Rocks (illuminated rocks) to eliminate additional materials. However, some objects are more shocking, such as Mighty Rocks (increases the damage inflicted for your group) and transverse explosive rocks, which show different symbols. In addition, players can attack intermediate rocks to achieve multiple objectives.

Break shields

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Shield breaker’s test requires players to eliminate Abyss Mage with the elementary skill and the elementary outbreak of Keisha. Each group member will receive a reduction in the reuse time of their skills and a frequent HP regeneration. To win this battle, you can continue to activate Keisha’s powers to get rid of the shields of the abyss’s magicians.

For example, players can activate Keisha’s elementary ability to launch the character through the air and start the attack button to tear it down. Then, you can make its elementary explosion to hit the enemy with AOE AEMO DMG.

How to complete sequential test 2 in Genshin Impact

The Sequential Trial 2 of Adventurer’s Trials event is the most recent phase of Genshin Impact version 3.2. In this challenge, you can participate in Boulder Run, Verdant Tsunami and Thunder lit Battlefield. Those who complete this task will obtain the same rewards shown in the first test, except two resistance philosophies.

Rock Carrera

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When the sequential test 2 begins, Boulder Run must complete to advance to the next stage. This challenge includes large Pinball, which will launch you through the air if you approach too much. The main objective is to collect 240 coins in a limited time and at the same time avoid moving objects. In addition, players can get larger coins to earn more money and use ELAN’s elementary ability to increase their movement speed.

In one of the last rounds, you can acquire energy to improve your jump and reach coins above the ground.

Tsunami green

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Similar to Boulder Run, Genshin Impact’s Verdant Tsunami test is a coin-based timed game. But this location involves areas full of water, where you must use Says’s elementary ability (hold the button) to roll on the surface with its Cry skills.

Battlefield illuminated by thunder

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Thunder lit Battlefield is the last confrontation of sequential trial 2, with Bahia and Keying. You must defeat 20 enemies with their Pedro and Electron skills, resulting in a Thunderbolt attack when you activate enough Catalyst reactions (mixing their two elements). Players can also perform Super Thunderbolts over time to increase DMG and AOE.

Currently, there are only two challenges available at the event tests of adventurers, but there will be three more tests in the future. With this in mind, we will update it on the next phase of tasks after its launch.

That is enough for our guide on How to complete the Adventurer’s Trials event in Genshin Impact . To get more content about the game, you can consult the relevant links below, including our guide on Akasha Pulses, the Kappa Flame Rises Arc hon mission.

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