Currently, in its 3.2 version, the popular Genshin Impact prepares for The expected update 3.3 , whose premiere date h not yet been confirmed. One of the great novelties of the patch will be the inclusion of one of the most popular characters among the millions of players who play the title of Converse: Scaramouche , also known the eternal walker and The Wanderer (the globetrotter), between Other nicknames.

Its inclusion in the title h generated a lot of expectation among fans, since their presence is more than enough to monopolize all loci. Now, in addition, we already know-thanks to a filtration-what can we expect from it in terms of catalyst, skills, constellations and more . We tell you all the details about Scaramouche, who w created by Beelzebub a puppet to control to carry out his plans.

Skills and Constellations of Scaramouche

The character is animus catalyst (5 stars) One of its peculiarities is that it does not fight with the feet on the mainland, but that it levitates on it permanently. Taking a look at its main skills, we make it clear that he is a fighter designed to cause zone damage and havoc on ms battles. Then we break down all your skills and constellations (psive skills).

Scaramouche skills

With its elementary ability , Scaramouche enjoys the state favor of the wind to inflict damage to various are at the same time and its loaded attacks do not consume resistance. Of course, this state remains active long you have resistance available. For its part, the definitive ability occions a high amount of year by are and annexes effect, its catalyst.

Constellations of Scaramouche

  • 1. When the state is active, the wind, the loaded attack lightens its reuse by 10% and increes the damage caused by the starting attacks of tears.
  • two. The definitive ability will inflict extra damage depending on the points of duration consumed so far. The later I use it, the more powerful it will be.
  • 3. Get +3 elementary skill
  • 4. Receive an extra and random power (bought).
  • 5. Get +3 elementary explosions
  • 6. It can restore 4 points for each stubborn coup during the state favor of wind, in addition to increing the damage to normal attacks by 40%.


In the absence of knowing the date of his arrival, we remind you that Genshin Impact is currently in its 3.2 version, available for a couple of days. In this link you can see your trailer and know all the news. That, and that l to download the game is free in PC, PS5, PS4, Android and IO s .