[nbabuymt Moon Byung-soo] Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol) announced on the 10th of the G-Star 2022 booth bird’s eye view and detailed operation.

The company will participate in the G-Star 2022, which runs from November 17 to 20, and operates a booth at the B2C Hall. Epic Games Booth exhibits the creative world of Unreal Engine, which is widely used in games and various industries. You can also play games ‘Paul Guys’ and ‘Fortnite’.

Epic Games exhibits a variety of sample projects to experience Nanite, Lumen, Large World, and Modeling, which are the features of 50,000 Unreal Engine, which was released in April.

The sample project exhibited for the latest technology experience of Unreal Engine is the ‘Matrix Away Knows: Unreal Engine 5 Expire Lion’ Tech Demo ‘City Sample’ and Unreal Engine 5 Sample Game Play’ There is Lyra Starter Game. In addition, the ‘Meerkat’ sample project provides experiences of producing high quality video such as Camera setting, sequencer know-how, and lively character.


Along with Unreal Engine, you can also experience Meta Human and Twin Motion, the main components of the Epic Games Eco System. Meta Human is a framework that provides the ability to easily produce high-quality digital human beings. Visitors can use meta-human in the field for just a few minutes.

Visualization tool twin motion, which provides immersive real-time 3D experience in various industries, is also on display. Visitors can see the easy visualization of the twin motion implemented in real time 3D by traveling directly in the Chicago Sample Project, which is modeled on the actual city of Chicago.

There is also a Fortnite and Paul Guys Play Z1. In the Fortnite exhibition, you can play game modes produced by the community users in addition to the mode created by Epic Games.

Paul Guys is a multiplayer party game with up to 60 mini-game rounds until the last winner comes out. The Paul Guys Game Competition will also be held for on-site visitors.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Epic provides a variety of tools and services to the community with the philosophy that everyone should be able to freely create high-quality real-time 3D content to the community. I am happy to introduce the creator to the open and advanced products of Epic, and I would like to ask you a lot of interest and viewing in the Epic booth during the G-Star period.