Although we know that it is a shameful event in every way, football forces are celebrating this month, since within a few days the highly aware of Qatar’s world football will begin. After more than four years of waiting, we finally have the new meeting of the best selections in the world to know who will be, up to 2026, the best team on the entire planet.

But that we would do without the World Cup if we do not mention Twitch, a platform that has been growing over the years and will currently be one of the great bus when consuming content about the king sport in all aspects. From MGG we want to recommend four Twitch and YouTube channels that, in one way or another, will give us good hours of content about what for many will be the great football party.

The English average

While they are focused a little more on English football, the English average is, from afar, one of the YouTube channels with the highest quality than we will discuss on this list. The most normal thing we see the analysis of the Premier League players who are playing the World Cup or the England tour during the competition, always from a pure football field and offering us a varied and entertaining content.

But the true widow of this winter’s cake for the channel will be the documentary prepared about the World Cup of Qatar that reviews the registered trip full of corruption and embezzlement that the FIFA came to have so that the event was held in a land as inhospitable as undesirable located in the middle of nowhere.


Gerard Romero-jijantes

One of the fashionable men if we talk about the creation of Twitch content, Gerard Romero has become the true fury of football fans. After a season full of information and laughs with a dance that will remain for the story (and that is probably nominated for clip of the year), the Catalan journalist will get fully into the World Cup in Qatar 2022 as a radio.

For several days he has begun to look for Narrators Novates so that they can have an opportunity to narrate the great king sport party in which we will live historical moments and, of course, the next world champion. In addition, knowing Gerard, surely he has some surprise saved and calls some old friend to live with him the international tournament.

Miguel Quinton

Quinton is one of the great figures of sports journalism in this country today if we talk about the new generation. Accompanied by brand and DAZN, Quinton offers us a much fresher vision of football news and gives rise to many of the listeners who listen to the classic sports radio also understand the evolution that the majority of the majority of the majority of These means in the future.

Because, Miguel Quinton is one of the current leaders of the creation of football content that will be responsible for joining the new and ancient generation, giving the best of each of these and becoming a true reference for many in the future. This will be his first World Cup as such, and we want to see how he develops in the international arena.


If you want something more irreverent and away from the clearest and purest football talks, Gxldepaulinho is one of the best elections where the pages and humor will preside over anything. Some will not know it, but it is one of the guards of Twitter Soccer in our country where we can highlight other rogues of the bad Coney, such as Padua, Patch, Guard, Palomar, JVL or Kilgore (we miss you).

However, one of the few who ventured to make the leap to Twitch was Many, which already collects more than 35 thousand followers on his channel and spends almost every day to talk about the club of his loves, FC Barcelona, although Also of football in general. With the World Cup we do not know exactly what it will do, but everything indicates that it will summarize the phases of groups and react to the Luis Enrique live team.