Due to the fact that the development is still in full swing, numerous information stay rather unclear. So if you have hoped for a release date, you need to continue to be client. There are fresh gameplay scenes that come from the current expert play test.

The video, which is over one and a half minutes long, reveals scenes from the November test of Skate. And is quite as much as date with it. High gloss graphics, as is otherwise the standard in trailers, can not be seen. Rather, the focus is on unfinished environments, missing textures, however also in line with appropriate tricks.

At the end of the year there is new information about skate., The upcoming skateboard simulation of Electronic Arts. In a new edition of The Board Room, the developers chatted a bit out of the sewing box.

Nevertheless, there are currently some development compared to the video from August. The video game world looks a bit bigger, the character models currently show optical distinctions and currently have an entire piece of lifelike. Nevertheless, the gameplay video also proves that there is still a lot to do up until a finished item.


skate.-honest gameplay scenes in the trailer

far from the skateboard needs to alter a lot

The gameplay video also shows that there is still a lot to do till a finished item.

In the video message released for the new gameplay trailer, the designers of Complete Circle also discuss changes that they can do for skate. To strategy. If you do not stand on the board, an essential point is the gameplay.

In the video message released for the new gameplay trailer, the developers of Complete Circle also talk about modifications that they can do for skate. In the new skate. The brand-new skills ought to also be usable in mix with different tricks.

In the predecessors you might only jog or do a few roles. In the brand-new skate. You need to leap over fences, climb smaller sized walls and be able to do more. The new skills should also be functional in combination with various tricks. Nevertheless, the system is currently still in an early stage like a lot and the video game can still alter in this regard.

The designers are silent for a release. Whether the year will really remain in 2023 in the skate. As a free-to-play game sees the light of day, it remains to be seen.