The World Cup material continues in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, with the Course to Glory promotion heading into its second week Try this site.

Set to sign up with the PTG Team 2 cards is another Nations Dynamic Duo pair!

The dynamic duo cards have shown up as SBS, so you will be able to open each card individually, with a group benefit for doing both.

Take a look at how Wales’ Ethan Amado and Harry Wilson look after an upgrade and how you might unlock them in FUT 23 right here.

Dynamic Duos

This is a possibility to earn some incredible upgrades for very little input, so do not lose out!

Approximated Expense: 19.25 k.

Reward-1 x Ethan Amado Dynamic Duos Card.

Start Date: Sunday, 20 November.

Ethan Amado (OR 85).

Reward-1 x Harry Wilson Dynamic Duos Card.

Harry Wilson (OR 85).

Ethan Amado.

Expiry Date: Sunday, 1 January.

Harry Wilson.

  • Minimum 1 Player from Premier League.
  • Minimum 1 In-Form Player.
  • Minimum 1 Player Rated 84 or higher.
  • Minimum Squad Ranking 83.

You can utilize the following gamers to complete the Dynamic Duos SBS:.


Harry Wilson.

You’ll need to submit one team to open the 85 Rated CDM:.

You’ll need to send one team to unlock the 85-Rated RM:.

Estimated Expense: 19.4 k.

SBC Solutions.


  • Minimum 1 Gamer from Serie A.
  • Minimum 1 In-Form Player.
  • Minimum Team Score 83.

Start Date: Sunday, 20 November.

Ethan Amado.

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You’ll likewise be rewarded with an Plectrum Players Pack, and an 80+ World Cup 3 Players Load for completing the set.

Expiration Date: Sunday, 1 January.