Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ is a game mode with a high level of risk and a high reward in which you fall into an open world ready for research. Whatever equipment you take with you, it can be irrevocably lost if you die or do not be able to get out of the zone of exfiltration. However, you can insure part of your weapons.

How does weapon insurance work in a demilitarized zone?

In your DMZ equipment, you choose up to two types of weapons that you can use in amaze. Click on any of these weapons slots to open the weapon selection menu, as shown in the image above. As you can see, below you will have a cache with smuggled weapons. This weapon cannot be insured and can only be obtained by looting in a demilitarized zone.

In the upper part you will find the insured slot 1 tab, which allows you to add weapons from your choice from the game list of weapons. You can choose any drawing of weapons from your arsenal or the basic version of the weapon. This weapon is configured with the help of a gunsmith, which means that you can equip it with attachments at your choice. Now, if you die in a demilitarized zone with insured weapons, you will receive it back to your inventory after a two-hour recovery period. You can speed up the recovery time by leaving the demilitarized zone, collecting as much money as possible.

How to unlock insured slots for weapons in DMZ?

Initially, only one insured slot is available to players. To unlock the second slot, you must perform the third-level missions for all three fractions in the game, i.e. Legion, White Lotus and Black Mouse. In the same way, the third insured slot for weapons can be unlocked by missions of level 5 of the three fractions in the demilitarized zone.


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