Considering the importance of Game Pass in the Xbox ecosystem, some might think that the sale of games, similar to what we see with Nintendo and Sony, is not in Microsoft’s plans. However, Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, has made it clear that this is not the case, and the income generated by software sales will always be an important part for them.

In a recent interview with The Verge, Spencer was questioned at the sales model that Xbox currently has, and the great approach that Game Pass has. In this way, the manager said they will not stop selling games because of this service. This was what he commented:

We do not have this vision that they all give us $15 every month. We believe that the subscription is an interesting business model for certain types of games and for certain types of customers. I see it as a way of diversifying the way people expand their catalog of games or how creators reach consumers who want with the content they create. As regards me, this will always be part of the business.

That is why you do not see that we put exclusive games only in the service or trying to make people not buy games. We love that people can acquire their games, it is fantastic. We also want people to subscribe, our idea is that more people play more games and facilitate things to each player who wishes to enjoy a title.

Considering that many Xbox physical games are only keys, and getting tangible copies of some titles is somewhat complicated, fans’ concerns make sense. Fortunately, these statements make it clear that Phil Spencer and his team will continue to sell the experiences for which we know them. In related issues, less than 10% of Xbox users buy exclusive. Similarly, Microsoft considers The Elder Scrolls I saw a medium game.


Editor’s note:

Unlike PlayStation and Nintendo, collecting Xbox games is not the same. While the retrocompatibility of the X series makes it valid to find games of several generations, it is clear that the company’s approach is in Game Pass.