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Best Games In The Pokemon Series

Pokémon is one of the few video game series that has resisted the test of time in the last two decades.
As players have seen coming and going franchises, some dying horrible derived deaths, others simply fading in the dark, those damn pocket monsters have remained at the forefront of the relevance of the hand computer.
Not only that, but they also traveled outside their original playground and still managed to leave lasting impressions.
With so many games that exist under the brand, it can be difficult to know where to start if you are new.
What is worth your time?
Is it better to start with the newest and go from there?
What about console games?
To that end, we have classified the best Pokémon games of all time for you.

The best Pokémon games

Keep in mind that, since there are a lot of games released in North America, we have excluded the original versions of those titles that were redone.


Magical Jump (2017)-iOS and Android
Poor and humble Magical.
You can’t even reach more than 35 on this list regardless of how high you can jump.
Even so, it is an achievement for one of the most pathetic Pokémon to have your own game and then be on this list.


The mobile game essentially focuses on raising new Magical and fighting against other coaches to see which fish can jump higher.
It is a very basic mobile game, but it is well done and is a fun way to present a rather weak Pokémon.

3. 4.

Pi cross (2015)-3ds
For Sudoku lovers, there are this type of puzzle.
A timeless classic with a touch of Pokémon that is perfect for moving players.
Unfortunately, it is not included much more in this title, so it is difficult to set it higher.
But, as a puzzle game, it is solid.


Hey, Pikachu!
There is something about shouting at Pikachu that caused young Pokémon fans to chew with joy.
The game is very simple and uses the voice recognition unit (the only game in North America that uses it).
You simply spoke to Pikachu and forced him to do things, or helped him with the challenges.
The story is simple, you know a wild Pikachu and convince you to be your friend.
As the days passed, he approached more just to reach a critical point when he finally came to day 365, then things became sad.
A small funny Easter egg in the game is that if you tell Pikachu, he would get angry.
Nintendo cute, very nice.


Another Pokémon puzzle game was released in the form of Frozen!
It is a mixture of Yogis Cookie, Dr. Mario and Tetris that makes you move different Pokémon heads to join three before they fill the screen too much and finish the game.


Ex teachers (2019)-iOS and Android
Masters ex is one of those Pokémon games that appears from time to time, and you think, oh yes, that game has a funny name.
In addition to the unfortunate name, Masters ex is a solid mobile game.
It has teams of three, all fighting simultaneously with attacks that have reuse times.
The gameplay is solid, however, Geisha’s mechanics can make the game a bit difficult for people who do not seek to make their way to victory.
Even so, the game is designed in a way that allows good players to progress in battles without putting a lot of money in the game.


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (2005)-Game cube
Gale of Darkness is a sequel to Colosseum, and although it expands the list, it does not do much more differently.
Therefore, it was not well received.
Where Colosseum was completely new and innovative, Gale of Darkness simply copied and hit, used the same location and even recycled many of the graphics.
History had already lost strength and fans wanted something more similar to portable games.
It is great to catch the dark Pokémon in the first entrance, but after that little experiment, anything that was not catching them lost their touch.


Mystery Dungeon series (2006-2020)-DS, 3DS and Switch
The Master Dungeon games are a series that places randomly generated dungeons where they must fight enemies and can form teams and collect articles.
They are rogues by nature, where your fault makes you lose everything and have to restart.
Playing as Pokémon is fun, but after a while, the repetitive nature of dungeon tracking can overwhelm the experience.
Add to that the relatively small list of games and stories and too simplistic dialogues, and will have an experience that pales compared to the main series.

The most recent iteration, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Switch, 2020) seems like a correct step by removing the original game.
But still, it loses the mark of what makes Pokémon such a good property in the first place, and that is why it falls so at the end of the list.


Coliseum (2004)-Game cube
Pokémon Colosseum was the first role-playing game that appeared in a domestic console.
It does not present the same freedom to go anywhere and capture everything that their main counterparts do, but it is a sample of that.
With the task of hooking and purifying dark Pokemon, players embark on an adventure through a new region (Ogre) while trying to save all the world’s Pokemon.
Decent images for the time and an interesting story were a look at what would come in the future.


Pokémon Tournament (2015)-Wii U and Switch
Some of you can remember the first time this game was leaked with an image of a very detailed Lucio looking at an equally attractive Blacken.
For a game of Wii U, Spoken Tournament looks very well and, even better, had an incredible fighting game.
Of course, Banzai NAMC creators created a fantastic fighting game with an absolutely amazing attack and super animations.
The only problem is that nobody played it because it was in Wii U. Fortunately, Spoken Tournament DX was launched on Switch two years later to present this game to a broader audience on Switch as a kind of rebirth.


Unite (2021)-iOS, Android and Switch
Pokémon Unite does not have the best graphics or the most original gameplay of any title.
However, it is one of the best Pokémon games ever created.
Of course, it is only a multiplayer battlefield (Mob) as League of Legends (LOL), but that does not mean that it cannot be good.
At the launch of the game, some people decided to invest hundreds of dollars to anticipate everyone else.
However, the progression of the game allows players to simply play games and, in a month or less, have enough resources to properly update each element that is worth using.
Like similar games in the genre Mob, he suffers a little with the new dominated characters in the launch, but otherwise, it is a solid title that fills a niche in which the Pokémon franchise had not yet ventured.


Pokémon Pinball (1999)-Game Boy Color
There is something in the pinball that is difficult to resist.
The games are addictive with the simple fact of keeping a ball at stake while hitting it on the board.
Things get interesting when combined with the world of Pokémon.
Like other games inside the franchise, players can catch bugs, only they should do it in a pinball game activating events and hitting certain bumpers.
You can fill your Pokédex playing at one of the two tables (red and blue according to the first generation games).
It is fun and very attractive, even if it is not the usual rate of a role-playing game.
While many Spin-offs managed to lose their brand, you can’t be wrong with a little Pinball action.


Conquest (2012)-DS
Pokémon Conquest was the strangest announcement in history.
Mix Goa’s properties with Pokémon.
No, not in some way Dynasty Warriors-Esque.
Rather, a mixture of romance of the Three Kingdoms and Pokémon.
You have Dynasty Warriors and similar characters mixed with training Pokémon.
Mechanics are basically like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics where a good strategy prevails on the battlefield.


Bright diamond and bright pearl (2021)-Change
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the remakes of the original DS games that revolutionized the Pokémon franchise in multiple ways, such as the return of the day/night cycle, the game online and more.
Unfortunately, these remakes did not end up having the same impact.
Even so, it is a solid Pokemon game that acted as a provisional resource on the road to Legends Areas.
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl present the return of Po ketch, which is more or less an intelligent clock that allows players to better organize their adventure and provide useful tools such as a calculator.
The Singh underground area is also great.
You can customize a base, play mini-games, play with others and find Pokémon for your collection that could not be achieved otherwise.


Yellow: Special Edition of Pikachu (1999)-Game Boy

Yellow was the game that everyone who had seen the animated series wanted.
Red and Blue allow us all to be coaches, but Yellow allows everyone to be like Ash and have a Pokémon that is really their friend.
Little Pikachu walks just behind you throughout your adventure to become the best coach in the world.
It is also the first game of the series that presents in full color, although it is not a game of Game Boy Color.
It also updates all the things you could do in the original games.
You might think about it as a kind of director of the director who takes the first adventure and makes it even better.


Black and Black (2011)-DS
Black and White are the first Gold and Silver games that transform the way they are played on a large scale.
Since the players enter a new region (Nova) that is far from the previous ones (Photo, Kant, Horn and Singh), the oldest Pokémon are rare.
But, thanks to something called Dream World (closed in 2014), players were able to find beasts almost anywhere, which allowed coaches to capture them in Tesla.
The new types of battle, such as triple and rotation battles, mix things quiet.
Battle Subway (think of Battle Towers) allows those looking for challenges to find some.
Everything is animated and there are many more 3D elements present to give a much more modern look to the game.
The greatest addition in Black and White is definitely the cycle of the season.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter provide unique experiences, since they rotate every month, which keeps occupied players as new opportunities arise with changes in the weather.


Pokémon Go (2016)-iOS and Android
Pokémon Go is the most exclusive game on this list, mainly due to the fact that, instead of the typical game, it is a mobile application.
However, the fact that it is an application should not deter you, this is a solid experience that makes the dreams of many players come true.
Instead of controlling a coach in an adventure on your hand computer, you are actually that coach.
The game uses your GPS to track your location and your character moves while…

The Battlefield 2042: Event Battle for Nordvik Starts The First Week

Get ready to fight for the future of Nordic in Battlefield 2042’s first-ever time-limited event battle! This week, take part in a fierce struggle between two of the game’s most powerful factions. With intense action and team-based strategies, you’ll have to prove your skills if you want to come out on top. Join us now and find out who will dominate this virtual battlefield!

The Fight for North Via, which is limited to 3 weeks, began in Battlefield 2042.


By December 27th, the attack on Nordic in the conquest of the conquest with 32 versus 32 gamers will run in week 1.

The gameplay rewards that players can unlock by collecting spiritual straps are also restricted.
In the store you will continue to find 2 totally free and two paid packages.
All benefits, items and bundle of week 1 below in the summary.

week 1-attack on Nordic:

Gameplay benefits
5 spiritual straps-epic headgear enemy for Sun dance
12 spiritual ligaments-epic weapon skin Discovery for the MP9
20 religious ligaments-epic death outfit for Casper
Free shop objects
Uncommon security guard attire for Crawford
Legendary headgear Bastion for Crawford
Impressive shop bundle Attack at dusk -2,400 Battlefield coins
Outfit Pestle for Flack
Attire War for Mackay
Clothing Cravings for IS
Waffen-SS Last Court for the BSV-M
Defense skin cataclysm for the PBX-45
Waffen-SS Chromic for the AC-42
Automobile skin Fables Horse for the M1A5
Here once again the trailer for the event:

FIFA 23 – How many Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens are there?

Looking for an edge in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team campaign? Ready to take your game up a notch with the power of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll break down how many tokens are available and what each one can do to bring your team to glory. Read on to find out more!

It’s Christmastime and with that comes the annual festive discount in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Another swaps program implies yet more chances to enhance your club, and with Team of the Year (TONY) right around the corner, it is a fantastic time to save some high-value packs.


This year, EA is bringing back the Winter Wildcard promotional occasion and to the delight of FUT players, a Swaps program along with it.

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Find out how lots of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens will be on deal during the FUT 23 project below.

Store Now

How lots of WW Swaps Tokens are there?

With the Winter Wildcard Swaps Objectives not yet released, we do not have main verification on how numerous Swaps Tokens there will be.

We presume EA will release a comparable number to that of FIFA 22’s Winter Wildcard Swaps program.

Last year, EA released the following statement on the Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens upon the release of the campaign:

Throughout the Winter Wildcards project you will have the chance to make Wildcard Tokens. 24 Wildcard Tokens will be provided across numerous Team Building Goals and obstacles, plus one additional token will be offered in a pack in the FUT Store.

EA will likely make one or more available through special Winter Wildcard crams in the Shop.

We anticipate roughly 25 Wildcard Tokens to be made available once again in the FUT 23 occasion.

The fundamental part to note is plus one additional token, meaning that there were 25 Wildcard Tokens offered.

Activision Blizzard: President and Coo Daniel Alegre leaves companies

Activision Blizzard Inc. has announced that the contract with their current President and COO Daniel Alert will not be continued. This is due to the desire for change in leadership within the company. Mr. Alert will resign from his position of Chief Executive Officer and President on May 25, 2019.

Daniel Alert will leave Activision Blizzard next year.
The current president and COO at the publisher has had his role since 2020.
On March 31, 2023, his current contract, which is apparently not restored.
Alert desires to dedicate himself to other tasks in the future and end up being CEO from Yoga Labs.
Activision Blizzard is presently in the organized takeover of Microsoft.


The Federal Trade Commission blocked these tasks in early December.

The departure of Alert could expect the planned takeover.
The only supervisor who has a so-called control change security is CEO Bobby Kick.
If this is changed after the takeover, Kick would even get monetary payment.

DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos Official Trailer

A brand-new adventure of the DC heroes will make his arrival in 2023. Undoubtedly, Outright Games has actually simply exposed that DC Justice League: Cosmic mayhem will be readily available from March 10, 2023. Established by collective PHL, the title will be launched on PC through Steam, in addition to on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Change.
Daction-Adventure video game in open world, DC Justice League: Cosmic chaos will enable gamers to discharge Batman, Superman or Marvel Woman.
Our superheroes will need to deal with the disorderly Mr Mxyzptlk, an elf in the sense of really particular humor and above all capable of manipulating the time.
To Sauto-Investmail Mayor of Happy Harbor, the super-vulneous conjures up Starr the conqueror who will quickly plant fear in the city by taking ownership of theorist of its occupants.
To restore control of the city, you will have to chain the in some cases perilous missions and conquer the Dennis crowds utilizing the powers of each hero as good as possible.
During your experience, you will have the Location to meet other members of justice League such as Green Lantern, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman.

If the video game is initially of all made to play solo, a 2-player cooperative mode locally will enable you to conserve Happy Harbor with pals.



Characteristics of DC Justice League: Cosmic chaos

How to Get The Legendary Pulse Rifle Stay Frosty In Destiny 2 Dawning 2022

The Christmas season has reached Destiny 2 with the return of the Dawning event, and with it comes new weapons and armor to enjoy the guardians.
One of which is a new pulse rifle of stasis called «Stay Frosty».
This weapon is only available for a limited time and some players do not know how to get it.
So today, let’s talk how to get the Stay Frosty rifle press and what is the God Roll in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Dawning stay Frosty guide

Image source: Bungee through
To get the Stay Frost rifle press, you must buy it from Eva Levant, which is in the tower with Dawning Spirit and the consumable Gift in return.
Dawning Spirit can be won by completing Dawning Bounties, while gifts in return can be won by giving cookies to NPC throughout the game.
Once you have at least 1 gift in return and 25 spirits of dawn, you can directly buy a Stay Frosty of Eva pulse rifle.
You also have a small possibility of winning a Stay Frosty when opening the gifts in return.
However, this method is not efficient since all other Dawning weapons are included in gifts, so their chances of specifically gaining the pulse rifle are not high.


The best method would be to buy one of Eva, as mentioned above.

What is God Roll for Stay Frosty in Destiny 2?

The Stay Frosty pulse rifle, unfortunately, is not an outstanding weapon.
It has a solid group of benefits with good statistics, but none of that really does one step above the rest.
However, it is still a fairly solid weapon to use in PVP content and, therefore, the God Roll you should be looking for is mobile and mismatch.
The mobile objective will grant the weapon greater handling and acquisition of objectives when pointing down, while mourning will increase the shooting speed of the weapon when you recharge after a precision slaughter.
These advantages work well with each other, since Moving Target will assure you that they gain murders a little more easily, and then, once you get a precision murder, it will be awake, it will demolish enemies easily.
It is a solid couple in general, but there are definitely better options in the Kinetic slot.
That is all you need to know how to get the Stay Frosty pulse rifle in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our most recent destiny 2 guides, like how to do Lu cent Crunch or how to do Burnt Edge Transits.

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How To Buy And Sink A Yacht In Bitlife

If you are trying to break the yacht for testing the Wolf with Walls tit in Bit life, you first need to buy a yacht.
You can purchase a yacht by receiving a boat license through the license tab.
On the License tab, you will need to choose an option with the inscription License for a boat.
This will allow you to take a test for a boat management license.
200 dollars.


To pass the exam on the boat, you need to correctly answer one question related to the boat.
If you are not sure of any question, we have a guide to test the boat management license with all the answers.
Nevertheless, go through the test, and if you pass it, you can buy a yacht.
To buy a yacht, you will need to click the Assets tab to the main page in Bit life.
On the Assets tab, you will need to find boat merchant.
The boat merchant will sell a random choice of boats.
So, if you do not see Yacht in choosing boats, try to grow old.
This will update the choice of boats for sale.
If you manage to find a yacht, buy it, and you can try to break it.
To break your yacht, you will need to find it under the Asset tab.
In the section Assets you will see your yacht on the first page.
Click on your yacht, and then find the opportunity to take your boat into the sea.
Every time you withdraw your boat or yacht at sea, there is an accident.

However, if you want to continue passing, we recommend that you learn to swim before going out at sea on a yacht.
If you learn to swim, your chances of surviving yachts in the sea will increase.
To learn how to swim, you will need to join a swimming club in high school.
But if you graduated from high school, just complete other parts of the task.
Wolf with Wall Street Call and keep the yacht collapse in the end.
To learn more about Bit life, we will tell you in Pro Game Guides!

Spanish League Threatens FIFA With Legal Steps Against Club World Cup

The Spanish league has announced they will take legal action against FIFA’s new Club World Cup. They have also threatened to withdraw their teams from the 2021/22 Champions League and Europa League if the competition goes ahead.

The Spanish league has revealed a protest against to prepare for the club World Cup recently chose by FIFA from 2025.
You also wish to book legal actions.
FIFA just considers a small group of players and clubs, while in professional football there are many specialists, thousands of clubs and players who do not participate in these international competitions, the Spanish league slammed the world association.
With the private associations and leagues there would have been no contract.

In view of these decisions that were made without consultation with the parties directly impacted, (…) hereby announces Align that she will inspect legal actions to prevent the club world championship in the revealed format, it continues.
Articles and videos on the subject
Germany in the European Championship final: The press reporter analysis
FCB apparently to Slavic Dran-Spectacular BVB return?
All games of the Africa Cup are available live at
FIFA released the first plans for a club World Cup yesterday from 2025.
A mode with 32 instead of 7 teams is planned.


The upcoming club world champion will be played in Morocco in the old format from February 1 to 11, 2023.

La Liga tries to fight against the Club World Cup

In response to the news that FIFA wants to expand the Club World Cup to 32 teams from 2025, Spanish football association La Liga has announced it will look at legal steps.

In March 2019, the FIFA Council chose to increase the variety of individuals in the club World Cup, initially 24 groups were planned.
For the very first time, the tournament in 2021 must have been kept in this format in China, but Corona bed was not.
So now the competitors starts in a new format from 2025, however then with 32 teams.
Not everybody likes this. These decisions were made unilaterally, without consultation, not to mention approval of those who are straight affected: the leagues, their member associations, the players and fans, stated a message from the WLF on Friday.
The league association, which likewise belongs to the German DFL, refers to possible damaging consequences for football and wellness of the gamers.


The global association of professional gamers (FIF PRO), who pointed out serious consequences with regard to the burden on the gamers, also seriously commented.

La Liga wishes to check legal steps

La Liga even announced legal steps.
FIFA just thinks of a little group of clubs and gamers, while in professional football there are numerous professional, countless clubs and players who do not participate in these worldwide competitors, criticized the Spanish professional league in a message from Saturday.
Furthermore, it was revealed to wish to do something about it against the FIFA strategies: In view of these choices that were made without consultation with the parties affected directly, (…), La Liga thus reveals that she will inspect legal steps in order to
prevent the club world champion in the announced format.

international schedule and cash as crucial points

Due to the puffed up club World Cup, much more pressure comes into the currently jam-packed schedule.
The nationwide leagues and cup competitors in specific might come under pressure if global competitions are more and more expanded-the Champions League will also begin in a reformed and broadened format from 2024.
And now also the club World Cup.
The worldwide schedule is presently gone by 2024. What will come afterwards is unclear.
Actually, this must still be worked out, but the WLF complains that FIFA has actually currently set the most important concepts for the brand-new worldwide video game calendar after 2024 with its choice.

It should likewise be seen seriously that the gap between the bad and abundant clubs due to the enlarged global competitions and the associated increased income would continue to diverge-and there might be a further distortion of competition in nationwide competitors.

FIFA 23 Spurs striker Harry Kane Faces Downgrade As Serial BOTTLER Blows Englands World Cup Hopes

Harry Kane will likely be downgraded in FIFA 23 following his penalty miss against Croatia in the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers. The Tottenham player had been tipped for an upgrade but now looks set for a downgrade after his England teammate, Kieran Tripper, converted the spot-kick to secure progression.

Harry Kane stepped up in the 84th minute of the World Cup Quarter-Final and, in common Spurs style, blazed the shot well over the bar.

England fans’ World Cup hopes and dreams boiled down to one minute, one penalty, one male.

The 3 Lions fought valiantly at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar however it simply wasn’t to be in the end, thanks to one man in particular.

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So, this begs the question-why is Harry Kane ranked so extremely in FIFA 23 if he can’t produce in the huge moments?

Harry Kane currently has an 89 OR card in FIFA 23 with 92 Composure and 92 Charges.

Well, this simply won’t stand. When he has actually performed so badly in the greatest minutes of his profession, the Tottenham Hotspur forward merely can not have a composure score in the 90s.

To emphasize just how much of a bottler Harry Kane really is, we have actually pulled together a list of semi-finals and finals that the Spurs striker has actually played in for many years.

Whilst we understand that Kane is a good penalty taker, for the lot of part, there’s no method he can maintain his current 92 rating.

A penalty is everything about handling the pressure of the moment and the Spurs striker most definitely did not do that.

Downgrade looming

Serial bottler

Well, EA will need to answer this question as we head towards next year’s video game, EA Sports FC, and we question it’ll be great news for the England captain.

So, following his headache of a display versus France, Harry Kane’s Composure and Charges rankings should be slashed down to the 50s.

2015 League Cup Final-Lost to Chelsea.

2017 FA Cup Semi-Final-Lost to Chelsea (once again).

2018 FA Cup Semi-Final-Lost to Man United and was absolutely abysmal.

2018 World Cup Semi-Final-Lost to Croatia after stopping working to square the ball to Raheem Sterling to tap it into an empty internet and make it 2-0.

2019 League Cup Semi-Final-Lost to Chelsea (for a 3rd time).

2019 UEFA Champions League Final-Lost to Liverpool and played woefully.

2020 Euro Final-Lost to Italy.

2021 League Cup Final-Lost to Manchester City. Another devastating efficiency.

2022 League Cup Semi-Final-Lost to Chelsea (Chelsea fans must enjoy Kane).

Oh, and don’t forget the England captain leading the Three Lions to a wonderful transfer from the Nations League.

And to top all of it off, Kane missed out on the decisive charge worldwide Cup Quarter-Final which ultimately led to a loss to France.

Pinch of salt

In all seriousness, Harry Kane is an excellent footballer.


Even if he goes on to break Alan Shearer’s all-time Premier League goal scoring record, he will never come close to Auger, Henry, Suarez and Co.

England’s number nine will go on to break Wayne Rooney’s all-time goal scoring record, of which he is now level, and deserves to be kept in mind as one of the Three Lions’ best strikers of all time.

Nevertheless, in spite of the unbelievable quality that Kane has, as long as he does not win a major trophy he can never ever be compared to the likes of Rooney, Shearer, Owen and Greaves.

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