The Last of Us series, scheduled to debut globally on January 15, 2023, is the next big bet from HBO. The television adaptation features names like Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) in the cast, as well as having Neil Luckmann, creator of the original game, in the executive production part.

This Friday (2), MGG azil followed a press conference with the cast and the production of the adaptation, in which topics such as filming, differences between series and game and more were debated. Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gaiel Luna, Merle Tandridge, Neil Luckmann and Craig Main were present.

The adaptation of games for cinema and TV

Asked about the greatest difficulty of adapting the game to television, Craig Main commented that due to the fact that much of the game is about immersion for gameplay, it was necessary to find specific parts that would easily translate into dramatic production.


He kept saying that the reason why many of the video game film adaptations fail is the insistence on replicating exactly gameplay in a format that does not fit him. We do not replicate the original; What we did was inspire us in the story and the characters we created and show even more of their trajectories, he added.

How the actors deepened in the universe

Regarding the experience of acting on Neil’s work, both Bella and Pedro mentioned that, although they were not gamers, they tried to study the game the way they could extract relevant information from the original material without becoming an exact copy that It was a concern of both the actors and Neil. Pedro commented that the goal was to add even more to the amazing pages that were being written.

Merle Tandridge, in turn, had a slightly different experience. The actress, who played the character Marlene in the two titles of the game, commented that living the character in another media is completely different. She also praised the work of her castrates, citing that she could feel the characters in Pedro and Bella the first time they met in the recording set. I couldn’t stop crying a single day on the set; These gentlemen (Neil and Craig) struggled to make sure that the story so much loved by you was elaborated and sentimental, he said.

Gaiel Luna, who plays Tommy, said her experience with the game is a little more similar to what casual players who ventured into Austin’s famous story, Texas experienced-she had never been able to finish the game. When he got the paper, he decided to return and give another attempt to the game. For him, the story was so dense that he had to play in doses of an hour.

inging clickers to the real world

Regarding clicks, Gaiel Luna opined that body movement is a more essential factor than makeup and prosthetic itself. Pedro Pascal, who had greater contact with those infected during production, commented that the experience is extremely emotional. The cast, however, tried not to comment much about those infected in general–implying that it will be a very flashy part of the series.

Finally, Craig was thrilled saying that it was very sensitive in the recordings, because I already knew the way that these scenes would go.

Not all people play games

Asked about the possible reactions of the public, the actors reinforced the need for the public to be open to a new perspective that the original essence of the game is there. I understand the attachment that people have with the characters who spent hours knowing, but I believe we did a good job, and it was a lot of fun, said Bella.

Pedro continued: I understand why I am also a frequent consumer of film and television, also outeak when I know an actor I like a lot. I’m not sure if we (actors) were perfect, but surely Neil and Craig have been extremely passionate. I believe we were all in good hands.

Neil added that he expects that, with the arrival of adaptation, people will understand the need to reproduce games that they consider perfect in other media. Not all people play games, and it’s not fair that they can’t experience the story we created at Naughty Dog. It is something that is worth converted into another style of production, concluded the creator of the game.