The additional cooperation with hops has actually been gone over for a couple of weeks in the six-member DFL supervisory board, chaired by Hans-Joachim Wake and amongst the 8 colleagues from Hop fen in the DFL Presidium.
Because January 1, 2022, Hop fen DFL manager, CEO of DFL GmbH, spokesperson for the Presidium of DFL e.V. and in these functions likewise Vice President of the DFB and therefore the most powerful woman in German football.
Hops is the follower to Christian Seifert, who drove the league really effectively from 2005 to 2021.
Hop fen might not enter the deep footsteps of Seifert.

This was likewise not the stated goal of the previous chairman of the publishing management of the BUILD group and later on digital consultant at BCG Digital Ventures (from summer 2019).

the not successful look for Hop fen’s handwriting

Hops begun to give the DFL their handwriting.


Her heads in the league, according to the league, did not prosper in this in the previous eleven months.
In the viewpoint of its critics

pushed mood in the DFL headquarters

It is grumbled from the circles of their employees that the state of mind in the DFL headquarters at Guiollettestrasse 44-46 in Frankfurt am Main is pressed;
Numerous veteran workers have left the DFL in current months.
Hop fen’s contract is dated to December 31, 2024.
The DFL will have to pay a high severance payment if there is a separation.
When asked how strong the assistance from the league is, the DFL manager replied in the interview with a laugh on October 31: More is constantly possible.
Did she already suspect what is brewing about her?