The first thing that you should know is that there are no real best minecraft seeds for Woodland Mansion because what each player values in a seed is different. However, if you’re looking for the most popular seeds with players, then was able to really pull some gems out of the woodwork and provide you with 5 of their favorites!

Are you questioning what the very best seeds for Minecraft Woodland Mansion are?
Is Minecraft?
They are tall, full of enemies and full of excellent victim.
They are perfect for novices, especially if they are on first-rate residential or commercial properties.
Here you will discover whatever you need to understand about the finest woodland mansion seeds in Minecraft.

best seeds for Minecraft Woodland Estate

We discovered the 8 finest woodland mansion seeds in Minecraft here.

Woodland Estate Cove

If you are searching for a relaxing forest rental property for a search for your home, this is the seed for you.
After you have claimed this Woodland Mansion that has its own bay, you will also be ruined with a looted external post, a town with a fortress below and an Ozandenkal, all of which are not too far away.
Seeds: 1663935988
Wald villa: X: 264, Z: 616
Looter station: x: -792, z: 504
Village/fortress: x: 824, z: 1320
Ocean monolith: X: 1256, z: 152

manor house in the mountain forest

Although Woodland Mansions always need to spawn in Woodland locations, this seed has done the greatest woodland estate you will ever discover it.
For this factor, it is not so easy to discover it due to the fact that it is rather a sight from a range.
Seeds: -892884632.
Vacation home: X: 600, z: 328.
Damaged portal: x: 152, z: 40.
Shipwreck: x: -376, z: -328.
Shipwreck: x: -520, z: -120.


  • Village: x: -360, z: 216.

village in a manor house in the forest.

A town in a forest vacation home is among the rarest seeds ever, but we have it here for you.
It is exactly what it promises, which means that the large and roomy Woodland Mansion will have plenty of villagers and their structures.
Seeds: 27228320370069723.
Wald villa: X: 104, Y: 80, Z: 56.
Village No. 1: X: 52, Y: 80, Z: 68.
Village No. 2: X: -208, Y: 70, Z: 180.
Shipwreck: x: -136, y: 70, z: 520.
Hexenhütte: X: -360, Y: 70, Z: -200.

a story of two forest villas.

This unique Woodland Mansion-Sams has two Woodland Mansions extremely near each other directly on the spawning.
If you play with good friends, you can conquer and share and share 2 houses or combine your strength.
The possibilities are endless.
Seeds: -899372364029201049.
Wald villa No. 1: X: -328, y: 70, z: 232.

  • Wald villa No. 2: x: 132, y: 70, z: 232.
  • Town: x: -164, y: 70, z: 312.
  • Hexenhütte: X: 52, Y: 70, Z: 76.
  • Ocean ruins: X: 440, Y: 30, Z: 680.

desert bay vacation home.

Last however not least, we have a Woodland Estate that is trapped between a Savannah and a desert.
It is on a water if that weren’t unusual enough.
This is incredibly rare for a Woodland Mansion that is already one of the rarest things in Minecraft.
Seeds: 114056.
Wald villa: X: 632, Y: 63, Z: -1282.


This manor house in the forest lies at the foot of a mountain and sits on an ocean.
You get the finest of both worlds since you have both water and a forest to explore.
Seeds: -3566425337672145770.
Platform: java.

JUMBLE Temple.

The seeds of these forest villa start in the Savannah biome.
It also consists of a jungle temple and a loot out of the town.
Seeds: 10630.
Platform: fundamental rock.
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– This post was updated on December 10, 2022.