Unlike most video games in the market that encourage users to choose and improve any privileges that they seem unusual for them, Ixion requires players to choose improvements to help in the execution of the quest chain.
Thanks to this approach, the update scheme for all players is usually the same with small deviations.
So, if you are trying too much and cannot progress due to a poor choice of improvements, do not worry-we have chosen the best chronological order of the technology tree update template that will help you easily get to the final screen.

Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern 0

All improvements in the technology tree at 0 default are completely unlocked in Ixion.

Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern Tier 1

As at the level of 0, most improvements are unlocked by default, except two buildings, Eve gateways and installations for launching probes.
To do this, you can start with EVA AIRLOCK, and then build a starting installation for probes.
EVA Airlock→ Launching for probes

Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern Tier 2

Level 2 is the place where the real game begins.
We recommend starting with the renewal of the Cryonics Center, as you need more people to enter the new sectors.
After that, you can perform the battery for updating all three types of factories, such as a steel plant, a polymer processing plant and an electronics factory.
You can change to one of the factories with any improvements to the stability building, such as memorials, in case you lose trust among your people.
Center Cryonics→ Level 1→ Steel Factory→ Polymer Polymers Factor→ Electronics Plant→ Alternative Life Center→ Memorials→ Black Box of external Hope (required)

Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern 3

For level 3, you can start with something like a DLS center and go to Crop Farm or Cell Housing if you have problems with food or housing.
But does anyone at a time.
After that, you can run the colonization training center, as you can get the Test Colonization Protocols mission, and then configure the Fusion Station.
Then go to the center of waste processing and mushroom wall.
You can build a center for strengthening the legislation before the two previous buildings if you have problems with stability in one of your old sectors.
Leave the fire station in the end, as it is almost useless.
Center DLS→ Planting Farm / Cellular case (situational)→ Training center of colonization→ Planting farm / cellular corps> waste processing center→ Mushroom wall→ Center for strengthening legislation→ Fire part→ Diagnostic analysis of the Protagoras (mandatory)

Ixion Tech Tree Upgrade Pattern 4

The last and last update level is level 4. For this you can start from the railway station to quickly configure the remaining sector.


After that, you can build a health center to reduce the mortality rate that should now grow.
After that, you can make nuclear power plants and a water treatment center.
Before these buildings, you can also build algae farms if you suffer from a lack of food.
The next in line should be the Drone Bay to accelerate the joint use of resources.
As for the rest of the building based on the perks, you can build it depending on your deficit or crisis at that time.
Pirates (required)→ Railway station→ Medical Center→ Nuclear power station→ hydroelectric power station→ Algae farms> compartment for drones→ The Temple of the Corps→ Exos-Boyen Dome→ Observatory→ Observatory
Remember that these sentences are based on the main quest line.
You can always change this or that upgrade in accordance with your game style or disadvantages.

To learn more about Ixion, read the sections How to maintain the integrity of the case in Ixion or How to transfer resources to Ixion in the guidelines for the game for professionals.