Comes (CEO Jae-won Song, Jew Han Lee) has updated various contents including new heroes in summoned MMORPG Summers War: Chronicle (Chronicle).

The hero area added to the Chronicle with this update is a new content added by continent, including Judeline, Tesla, AYA, Florence, and Securing, and there are elite monsters and rare boss monsters that only appear in the area.
You can experience.

In particular, each region is set to increase the damage due to certain properties, which requires a more detailed strategic deck configuration.
When killing monsters, 5-star heroes and legendary runes and various items can be obtained.

In addition, Chronicle also added a dark attribute harp surgery, a five-star summons.
Dark attribute harp is a supported servitor who heals allies and gives immunity. It plays a role in restoring the same team’s health and improving defense with a beautiful half melody.

If the surrounding allies suffer fatal damage to the boss, they give up and increase healing and defense by playing half.
It can reduce the attack power of the enemy within the range, bounce the harp to fire and attack.

The story of the summoner, where anyone can acquire a dark attribute harp just by gameplay, has been added.
Clear each step to get a 5-star ignorance, the breath of life, the integer, and the dark attribute harp.

In addition, the company introduced manual play to the arena of the challenge of EVE content, and strengthened the beauty of the controls that directly manipulated it, and added the benefits to obtain light and dark transcendence summons according to the account level.


You can also find a five-star Exit and a magic test, a four-star cowgirl and a three-star winter concept shape conversion.

There is also an event that users can enjoy in various ways.
If you clear the way of growth in the game until 5 am on the 20th, a lucky bingo event will be held to obtain various items.

For more information about this update and events, please visit the official Chronicle Forum.