Soccer teams are making their way to the eSports sector.
As a general rule, many of them make their way in PES or FIFA mainly, but other sets go further and expand to games that have nothing to do with the traditional sports field.
The last two are Villarreal, next to Flash, and Levant, who will add to the Second Spanish Division of League of Legends that was created last year, the second Super League.
In this way, the three teams that have uploaded this second step are from the Valencian Community, since you have to add Ram boot Club.
These three teams are added to Case Esports, Falcons, Wizards, Zeta, Bets, Monkey Club and Am Esports in their search to upload to Super League for 2024.

Traditional sports take this competition

In a little more than a year and a half, we have seen as players like David de Gea, César Azpilicueta or Angelique Lahore, have joined the sector with their own teams.
In fact, 70% of the teams are soccer, either from clubs or professional players.
They only get rid of this exception, Zeta, Wizards and Ram boot, although the latter do not know if the Esports section of Valencia, as it has done in its FIFA section will take action.
The granola team takes a step further after being one of the FIFA teams with good results at the national level with players like Daniel Aguilar, who is now in Hues ca: For Levant you are a unique opportunity to expand our eSports section
to such an important platform within the ecosystem of virtual competitive and under a competition as acclaimed as it is organized by LVP in Spain. We have been doing a strong commitment to electronic sports making a hole in the sector through FIFA, being one
of the most recognized teams for their firm commitment to eSports. We firmly believe that our inclusion in League of Legends will position us more strongly in a niche as important as that of consumers of these competitions, said Quick Catalan,
President of the Levant UP.

As in Super League, the Second Spanish Division of League of Legends, will receive changes in its broadcast dates, going to Wednesday and Monday.
On January 18, the show will begin and with it, we will see that teams can fight to opt for a superior square for the next campaign.