If you are a fan of Torres Defense Games, then Roblox is the ideal game platform for you.
There are not only many to choose from, but they are all very popular, so it is likely that there is always someone to play.
If you have come here, you are probably wondering one thing: What are all Tower Defense Simulator codes in Roblox?
Do not worry, since we support you.
So, without further delay, let’s start.

All Tower Defense simulator codes in Roblox

At the moment, there is only one active code in Tower Defense Simulator:
Juan returns-redeem for the John Skin [must have the militant tower] (new)

All Tower Defense Simulator codes expired in Roblox

Here is a list of all the expired codes in Tower Defense Simulator that will no longer work:
Playaglad2022-Card for the skin of Beach Gladiator [must have the Gladiator Tower]
Happy 2021-Card Skin [Must Have The Farm Tower]
Robloxisback-Card for Premium Skin crate
1 billion-redeem for luxury box
Community20-exchange code for Mini Skin [must have the minigunner Tower]
200 km May-exchange code for 500 gems
Bloxy21-Card for commander’s skin [must have the Commander Tower]
Fifty-exchange code for 200 coins
Delay-Card for a Premium Box
I am a baby-exchange code for 100 gems
New Year2021-Can the Code for a free premium box
B1RDHUNT3R-Card code for free hunter troop
1 pumpkin-exchange the code for a free pumpkin box
Spring1NGM1L3ST0NE-Spring skin (crusher)
-Spring aspect (commander)
Electro-100 coins
SW33TXP-100 XP
02Momento-XP Boost
Moarxp-XP Boost
30k-exchanges the code for a free pumpkin box
Doublebloxes-Code for the skin of cowboy (you must have the cowboy tower)
Freezing-Freezer Skin exchange code (you must have the Freezer Tower)
W33klicode-exchange code per +65 XP
5k milestone-redeem code for minigunner twitter skin

How to exchange codes at Tower Defense Simulator in Roblox

Fortunately, redeeming codes in Tower Defense Simulator is very easy.
Just follow these steps:
First, start Tower Defense Simulator in Roblox.
Then touch the blue icon of the Twitter bird in the lower left of the screen (as highlighted in the image below).
This will open a text box to write the code.
Write the code exactly as it appears in the previous list.
Click Settle and enjoy your new gifts.
You’re welcome!
Image source: The Roblox Corporation through
There you have it.
We hope this has helped give a track about all Tower Defense Simulator codes in Roblox.


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