Casual Healing Adventure Game AKA, which was developed by Neo wiz and Cosmos GATT (CEO Jean Jean-François Bartholdi), announced on the 15th that it has officially released its global release in Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Aka is a healing adventure game in the Open World, telling the story of a retired soldier, a retired soldier, looking back and healing while meeting the souls who were affected by the war.
The island can be grown through gathering and production, and healing experiences through various activities such as mini-games, swimming, cloud observation, and island exploration.
The process of solving a given mission through the interaction with the NON-Player Character (NPC) provides another fun.

In the official release version, you can see four islands with different climates and charms, such as maple islands, palm trees, bamboo islands, and palm islands.

In particular, each island has special main and subquests, allowing users to have the fun of various contents.

In addition, you can also experience mini-games in a special space where you can see and check the villages, such as cat bars, tarot card stores, hat shops, mills, and tors’ houses.

Aka supports a total of nine languages including Korean, English and Japanese.
The price is 13,500 won for both steam and switches, and a 10% discount event will be held by the 28th to commemorate the official launch.

For more information about Aka, please visit the Steam page.