If you are trying to break the yacht for testing the Wolf with Walls tit in Bit life, you first need to buy a yacht.
You can purchase a yacht by receiving a boat license through the license tab.
On the License tab, you will need to choose an option with the inscription License for a boat.
This will allow you to take a test for a boat management license.
200 dollars.


To pass the exam on the boat, you need to correctly answer one question related to the boat.
If you are not sure of any question, we have a guide to test the boat management license with all the answers.
Nevertheless, go through the test, and if you pass it, you can buy a yacht.
To buy a yacht, you will need to click the Assets tab to the main page in Bit life.
On the Assets tab, you will need to find boat merchant.
The boat merchant will sell a random choice of boats.
So, if you do not see Yacht in choosing boats, try to grow old.
This will update the choice of boats for sale.
If you manage to find a yacht, buy it, and you can try to break it.
To break your yacht, you will need to find it under the Asset tab.
In the section Assets you will see your yacht on the first page.
Click on your yacht, and then find the opportunity to take your boat into the sea.
Every time you withdraw your boat or yacht at sea, there is an accident.

However, if you want to continue passing, we recommend that you learn to swim before going out at sea on a yacht.
If you learn to swim, your chances of surviving yachts in the sea will increase.
To learn how to swim, you will need to join a swimming club in high school.
But if you graduated from high school, just complete other parts of the task.
Wolf with Wall Street Call and keep the yacht collapse in the end.
To learn more about Bit life, we will tell you in Pro Game Guides!