Looking for an edge in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team campaign? Ready to take your game up a notch with the power of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll break down how many tokens are available and what each one can do to bring your team to glory. Read on to find out more!

It’s Christmastime and with that comes the annual festive discount in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Another swaps program implies yet more chances to enhance your club, and with Team of the Year (TONY) right around the corner, it is a fantastic time to save some high-value packs.


This year, EA is bringing back the Winter Wildcard promotional occasion and to the delight of FUT players, a Swaps program along with it.

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Find out how lots of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens will be on deal during the FUT 23 project below.

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How lots of WW Swaps Tokens are there?

With the Winter Wildcard Swaps Objectives not yet released, we do not have main verification on how numerous Swaps Tokens there will be.

We presume EA will release a comparable number to that of FIFA 22’s Winter Wildcard Swaps program.

Last year, EA released the following statement on the Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens upon the release of the campaign:

Throughout the Winter Wildcards project you will have the chance to make Wildcard Tokens. 24 Wildcard Tokens will be provided across numerous Team Building Goals and obstacles, plus one additional token will be offered in a pack in the FUT Store.

EA will likely make one or more available through special Winter Wildcard crams in the Shop.

We anticipate roughly 25 Wildcard Tokens to be made available once again in the FUT 23 occasion.

The fundamental part to note is plus one additional token, meaning that there were 25 Wildcard Tokens offered.