Get ready to fight for the future of Nordic in Battlefield 2042’s first-ever time-limited event battle! This week, take part in a fierce struggle between two of the game’s most powerful factions. With intense action and team-based strategies, you’ll have to prove your skills if you want to come out on top. Join us now and find out who will dominate this virtual battlefield!

The Fight for North Via, which is limited to 3 weeks, began in Battlefield 2042.


By December 27th, the attack on Nordic in the conquest of the conquest with 32 versus 32 gamers will run in week 1.

The gameplay rewards that players can unlock by collecting spiritual straps are also restricted.
In the store you will continue to find 2 totally free and two paid packages.
All benefits, items and bundle of week 1 below in the summary.

week 1-attack on Nordic:

Gameplay benefits
5 spiritual straps-epic headgear enemy for Sun dance
12 spiritual ligaments-epic weapon skin Discovery for the MP9
20 religious ligaments-epic death outfit for Casper
Free shop objects
Uncommon security guard attire for Crawford
Legendary headgear Bastion for Crawford
Impressive shop bundle Attack at dusk -2,400 Battlefield coins
Outfit Pestle for Flack
Attire War for Mackay
Clothing Cravings for IS
Waffen-SS Last Court for the BSV-M
Defense skin cataclysm for the PBX-45
Waffen-SS Chromic for the AC-42
Automobile skin Fables Horse for the M1A5
Here once again the trailer for the event: