Pokémon is one of the few video game series that has resisted the test of time in the last two decades.
As players have seen coming and going franchises, some dying horrible derived deaths, others simply fading in the dark, those damn pocket monsters have remained at the forefront of the relevance of the hand computer.
Not only that, but they also traveled outside their original playground and still managed to leave lasting impressions.
With so many games that exist under the brand, it can be difficult to know where to start if you are new.
What is worth your time?
Is it better to start with the newest and go from there?
What about console games?
To that end, we have classified the best Pokémon games of all time for you.

The best Pokémon games

Keep in mind that, since there are a lot of games released in North America, we have excluded the original versions of those titles that were redone.


Magical Jump (2017)-iOS and Android
Poor and humble Magical.
You can’t even reach more than 35 on this list regardless of how high you can jump.
Even so, it is an achievement for one of the most pathetic Pokémon to have your own game and then be on this list.


The mobile game essentially focuses on raising new Magical and fighting against other coaches to see which fish can jump higher.
It is a very basic mobile game, but it is well done and is a fun way to present a rather weak Pokémon.

3. 4.

Pi cross (2015)-3ds
For Sudoku lovers, there are this type of puzzle.
A timeless classic with a touch of Pokémon that is perfect for moving players.
Unfortunately, it is not included much more in this title, so it is difficult to set it higher.
But, as a puzzle game, it is solid.


Hey, Pikachu!
There is something about shouting at Pikachu that caused young Pokémon fans to chew with joy.
The game is very simple and uses the voice recognition unit (the only game in North America that uses it).
You simply spoke to Pikachu and forced him to do things, or helped him with the challenges.
The story is simple, you know a wild Pikachu and convince you to be your friend.
As the days passed, he approached more just to reach a critical point when he finally came to day 365, then things became sad.
A small funny Easter egg in the game is that if you tell Pikachu, he would get angry.
Nintendo cute, very nice.


Another Pokémon puzzle game was released in the form of Frozen!
It is a mixture of Yogis Cookie, Dr. Mario and Tetris that makes you move different Pokémon heads to join three before they fill the screen too much and finish the game.


Ex teachers (2019)-iOS and Android
Masters ex is one of those Pokémon games that appears from time to time, and you think, oh yes, that game has a funny name.
In addition to the unfortunate name, Masters ex is a solid mobile game.
It has teams of three, all fighting simultaneously with attacks that have reuse times.
The gameplay is solid, however, Geisha’s mechanics can make the game a bit difficult for people who do not seek to make their way to victory.
Even so, the game is designed in a way that allows good players to progress in battles without putting a lot of money in the game.


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (2005)-Game cube
Gale of Darkness is a sequel to Colosseum, and although it expands the list, it does not do much more differently.
Therefore, it was not well received.
Where Colosseum was completely new and innovative, Gale of Darkness simply copied and hit, used the same location and even recycled many of the graphics.
History had already lost strength and fans wanted something more similar to portable games.
It is great to catch the dark Pokémon in the first entrance, but after that little experiment, anything that was not catching them lost their touch.


Mystery Dungeon series (2006-2020)-DS, 3DS and Switch
The Master Dungeon games are a series that places randomly generated dungeons where they must fight enemies and can form teams and collect articles.
They are rogues by nature, where your fault makes you lose everything and have to restart.
Playing as Pokémon is fun, but after a while, the repetitive nature of dungeon tracking can overwhelm the experience.
Add to that the relatively small list of games and stories and too simplistic dialogues, and will have an experience that pales compared to the main series.

The most recent iteration, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Switch, 2020) seems like a correct step by removing the original game.
But still, it loses the mark of what makes Pokémon such a good property in the first place, and that is why it falls so at the end of the list.


Coliseum (2004)-Game cube
Pokémon Colosseum was the first role-playing game that appeared in a domestic console.
It does not present the same freedom to go anywhere and capture everything that their main counterparts do, but it is a sample of that.
With the task of hooking and purifying dark Pokemon, players embark on an adventure through a new region (Ogre) while trying to save all the world’s Pokemon.
Decent images for the time and an interesting story were a look at what would come in the future.


Pokémon Tournament (2015)-Wii U and Switch
Some of you can remember the first time this game was leaked with an image of a very detailed Lucio looking at an equally attractive Blacken.
For a game of Wii U, Spoken Tournament looks very well and, even better, had an incredible fighting game.
Of course, Banzai NAMC creators created a fantastic fighting game with an absolutely amazing attack and super animations.
The only problem is that nobody played it because it was in Wii U. Fortunately, Spoken Tournament DX was launched on Switch two years later to present this game to a broader audience on Switch as a kind of rebirth.


Unite (2021)-iOS, Android and Switch
Pokémon Unite does not have the best graphics or the most original gameplay of any title.
However, it is one of the best Pokémon games ever created.
Of course, it is only a multiplayer battlefield (Mob) as League of Legends (LOL), but that does not mean that it cannot be good.
At the launch of the game, some people decided to invest hundreds of dollars to anticipate everyone else.
However, the progression of the game allows players to simply play games and, in a month or less, have enough resources to properly update each element that is worth using.
Like similar games in the genre Mob, he suffers a little with the new dominated characters in the launch, but otherwise, it is a solid title that fills a niche in which the Pokémon franchise had not yet ventured.


Pokémon Pinball (1999)-Game Boy Color
There is something in the pinball that is difficult to resist.
The games are addictive with the simple fact of keeping a ball at stake while hitting it on the board.
Things get interesting when combined with the world of Pokémon.
Like other games inside the franchise, players can catch bugs, only they should do it in a pinball game activating events and hitting certain bumpers.
You can fill your Pokédex playing at one of the two tables (red and blue according to the first generation games).
It is fun and very attractive, even if it is not the usual rate of a role-playing game.
While many Spin-offs managed to lose their brand, you can’t be wrong with a little Pinball action.


Conquest (2012)-DS
Pokémon Conquest was the strangest announcement in history.
Mix Goa’s properties with Pokémon.
No, not in some way Dynasty Warriors-Esque.
Rather, a mixture of romance of the Three Kingdoms and Pokémon.
You have Dynasty Warriors and similar characters mixed with training Pokémon.
Mechanics are basically like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics where a good strategy prevails on the battlefield.


Bright diamond and bright pearl (2021)-Change
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the remakes of the original DS games that revolutionized the Pokémon franchise in multiple ways, such as the return of the day/night cycle, the game online and more.
Unfortunately, these remakes did not end up having the same impact.
Even so, it is a solid Pokemon game that acted as a provisional resource on the road to Legends Areas.
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl present the return of Po ketch, which is more or less an intelligent clock that allows players to better organize their adventure and provide useful tools such as a calculator.
The Singh underground area is also great.
You can customize a base, play mini-games, play with others and find Pokémon for your collection that could not be achieved otherwise.


Yellow: Special Edition of Pikachu (1999)-Game Boy

Yellow was the game that everyone who had seen the animated series wanted.
Red and Blue allow us all to be coaches, but Yellow allows everyone to be like Ash and have a Pokémon that is really their friend.
Little Pikachu walks just behind you throughout your adventure to become the best coach in the world.
It is also the first game of the series that presents in full color, although it is not a game of Game Boy Color.
It also updates all the things you could do in the original games.
You might think about it as a kind of director of the director who takes the first adventure and makes it even better.


Black and Black (2011)-DS
Black and White are the first Gold and Silver games that transform the way they are played on a large scale.
Since the players enter a new region (Nova) that is far from the previous ones (Photo, Kant, Horn and Singh), the oldest Pokémon are rare.
But, thanks to something called Dream World (closed in 2014), players were able to find beasts almost anywhere, which allowed coaches to capture them in Tesla.
The new types of battle, such as triple and rotation battles, mix things quiet.
Battle Subway (think of Battle Towers) allows those looking for challenges to find some.
Everything is animated and there are many more 3D elements present to give a much more modern look to the game.
The greatest addition in Black and White is definitely the cycle of the season.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter provide unique experiences, since they rotate every month, which keeps occupied players as new opportunities arise with changes in the weather.


Pokémon Go (2016)-iOS and Android
Pokémon Go is the most exclusive game on this list, mainly due to the fact that, instead of the typical game, it is a mobile application.
However, the fact that it is an application should not deter you, this is a solid experience that makes the dreams of many players come true.
Instead of controlling a coach in an adventure on your hand computer, you are actually that coach.
The game uses your GPS to track your location and your character moves while…