Starting one more date within the Golden League we see the squads demonstrate a different potential to be able
This date we see how they develop to take the points to the bag during the clashes.
The first game placed Osaka against Spirituals with a selection of a Assassin for Kiss Shot that brought out its potential from the beginning of the game to excel during the battles in the middle part of the crack leaving the situation very favorable for Oak
They take the first point on their side.
For the second game we see a change in attitude on the part of the deer who put the rivals thanks to the Caitlyn of Antimony which takes control of things to impact the rivals with their definitive to leave things in a tie
of this series.
For the second confrontation we see Ethereum eSports against Fuel with a totally different temper from the peak of the Phoenix who manage to take the advantage in the early game thanks to the Relic de Keii that shows her great handling of the champion to leave the favorable situation
For them getting the first point.

During heading number two, control of the fire by fire was kept who took a Zoe in the hands of Felt with which it began to climb little by little in the match to be deadly in the fights per team and give the 2-0 to
Your squad.


With these results of the day, the situation in the general table moves a bit but keeps the fire team as the maximum exponent of the tournament so far and maintains its undefeated streak, still leaving the next date to know if the Kali squad can
Follow the same destination or lose a map against Polar Squad, for the moment the Phoenix rise at the tip of the tournament.