After working in Bioware for more than 19 years, Mac Walters, who served as the main writer in effect of mass 2 and 3 is leaving the study.

As reported by Euro gamer, Walters publicly shared the news of his departure during the weekend in a LinkedIn post.
The BioWare veteran served as a writer in Jade Empire, then assumed the role of the main writer for the second and third game of Mass Effect, and before leaving he was a production director in the next and long-awaited Dragon Age Dread wolf.


With a new year new adventures come, Walters wrote in the publication.
«As some of you already know, at the end of last year I decided to leave Bioware.
These last 19 years have been an experience that changed my life, to say the least, and it was very difficult for me to make the decision.
I have worked with so many wonderful people and I had the privilege of being part of the most incredible teams and projects.
It is difficult to understand everything, and I know that I will reflect it in the coming years ».
Looking at Walters’s profile, he currently says he is at a break from his career, in search of an UN specified personal goal, so he probably has nothing to do with video games.
Who can blame it after 19 years in the industry?
Walters also worked as a creative director at Mass Effect Andromeda, critically mixed, and was also a narrative director at Anthem, criticized by critics, so it is certain to say that his mandate in Bioware has had some ups and downs.
What this means for Dragon Age Dread wolf is not clear, although it probably will not be a big problem, since developers come and constantly go in the great studies.
Dread wolf received a new trailer in December, which offers fan a look at a kinematics that will appear somewhere in the game.