After a bad campaign start at the first split of CBOL 2023, with three losses and only one victory, Pain Gaming recovered in the competition after beating the flow in the duel of desperate and, at least for now, eathes a little more relieved
in the competition.
At a news conference after the traditional victory, Mathews Dynquedo, the main highlight of the Pain victory, praised the team’s collective force at times when the flow seemed to be in advantage, celeated good individual performance and projected a recovery from the
Current azilian runners-up following CBOL.

Dynquedo stressed that the victory over the flow represented, to some extent, a rebirth of the PAIN.
He acknowledges that the team came from a series of dull performances, which ended up affecting the confidence of the team.
Although he avoided talking about a definitive recovery, Dynquedo believes that traditional will perform better in the next rounds.
This kind of victory that means a rebirth for us. We were very discredited we had had bad performances (in the matches), and as we were very pressured that we could not win, it seemed that everything was wrong, it was kind of holding our game at Stage ( Stage), we were playing very plastered. I feel that with this victory we will be able to relieve this pressure for the next games, said Dynquedo, who, although it was the main highlight of the match, does not consider himself the great responsible for the victory
from the pain over the flow.
About my performance, my leadership, let’s say, I’ve always been the same guy I’m being, and I don’t feel like I’m very different. Obviously when we’re in a bad moment everyone has to pull a little more (a
Responsibility), but I do not say that today’s result was due to me. I think it was due to our hard work and confidence that we have in each other.
To the final again and have a different result of the year step Despite celeating the victory over Pain, Dynquedo acknowledges that the current azilian runners-up has faced an opponent who also goes through a difficult time from CBOL.
Precisely due to the moment of fragility of the flow, the Mid Later of Pain expects its team to perform well before INTO.
The flow really is a team that is not at its best, but it is not a team that can be discarded, because they have very good players, especially individually. So surely this victory means a lot to us, and we were not in one
Time to face a team and say, Wow, this team here is easier, because they are very bad.
Weight in the game, it helps us a lot, and this is the main point for me. If we get 2-0 this weekend, it will take a weight to the next games, he said.

Entails is not the main one

At the end of the game against the flow, Dynquedo got a entails at the rivals base and sacrament Pain’s victory in CBOL’s 5th round.
Mid Later celeated the play and commented on the pressure week that traditional faced, especially after Pain released on social networks an audio with the in-game communication of the LOL team, with an emphasis on a conversation between Carbon, the team’s jungle,
and Damage support, both teammates of Dynquedo team along the CBOL 2022.
A entails is always cool, especially in stage, it’s a different thing. There’s no way you can ignore it and say it’s nothing, but it was obviously a game situation. What makes me happier and more relieved is to be able to show
A little more of our game, and we can get a little back. Because, in the end, a Entails doesn’t change if we don’t win the game, we don’t have a good performance in team, which is our focus. Obviously
Entails is cool, but it is not the main focus, but we evolve and get strong for the playoffs.
Finally, Dynquedo praised the team’s collective force and considers that the victory over the flow will mark the start of PAIN recovery in the classification table.


Mid Later stressed that despite the good individual performance it had in the game, the most important thing for him is to observe the team’s collective evolution, which, he recognizes, had a very below expected start.

I am very happy to have shown good individual performance, but I am much happier that we were able to win and show better performance in the game. It was something we needed to prove and come more confident for the next games.
I am happy to be part of this evolution and I feel that, from now on, we will be able to engage a lot, concludes Dynquedo.
Cover photo: uno Altars / Riot Games