Daemon fighting representing Banzai NAMC, Taken 8.
Nina Williams, a popular series of series and has been steadily in the work, has announced the official play of Taken 8 with the official play video.

The new two-minute gameplay video shows Nina’s various aspects with the tinnitus ‘Silent Assassin’.
In particular, short shorts, sunglasses, new clothes, and pistols that are being held throughout the appearance reminds me of Cap com’s biohazard series.

The new action is as new as the new visuals.
The existing fighting itself also shows a familiar figure, but it shows the action of the play videos that hold a pistol in both hands and pour bullets to the opponent.
However, as the characters of the Taken showed many of the human limitations of common sense, they boast that they are easily robbed of the shooting.

Banzai NAMC Entertainment has appeared in the story video, including Jin, KAZ, King, Paul, Jack, Las, Low, Jun, and Jack.

As Nina’s solo gameplay video has been released this time, the play video of the core character will be released one after another.

Meanwhile, the introduction of the battle system of Hard Mutsuhito Executive and IKEA Doha Game Director was also introduced.
This Taken 8 adds a manipulation support system for players who are burdened with multiple fighting games or complex command inputs.
The new manipulation system called special style can activate a hit system and unique combo with a specific button input.
In addition, during the battle, you can change it to an ‘arcade style’ that operates the character by entering the existing command input.

Banzai NAMC plans to conduct a three-day test for three days from March 31, when EVE Japan 2023, the fighting game competition, will be held.
Taken World Tour 2023 will also be held.