Poems of the poisonous type, as a rule, are very defensive, because they have only two weaknesses.
In Scarlet & Violet, only poisonous poems can learn toxic, the movement used to apply damage over time.
They are one of the best counterparts of the fabulous type of Pokémon and as a result become more and more popular.
The best types of poisons will make more than simply destroy their opponents and will be able to hide their weaknesses, surviving.
These are the best types of poisons for generation IX and the reasons why they are so good.

What are the best poisonous poisoning type in Scarlet & Violet


Grafayi-quick Pokémon with hidden ability.
The joker, which gives status strokes priority in battle.
It is known that in the Double Battles Graffiti goes well with Slaking, removing its ability Truant with the course.
In the attack, he can cause good damage, setting up a dance of swords or a dirty conspiracy, but it is pretty fragile.
Graffiti is restrained due to the fact that other Pokemon-scenes are available in the game, which do similar, if not the best things than he, but with a larger mass.
It is strong in itself, and the Slaking strategy is very strong, but there are the best types of Poison and the best Prankster options.
The best nature for Graffiti largely depends on whether the players want to be fast or survive longer.


As a poisonous/steel-type Pokémon, revolution is in a strange place due to its 4-fold weakness to the ground.
In the attack, he is strong and studies many techniques with high basic force, such as GUNK Shot, Spin OUT and even Overheat.
Although his attack is higher than a special attack, he has access to some good special techniques that can still cause great damage.
Players who can find a way to circumvent the weaknesses of Rearm can use its installation techniques, such as Shift Gear and Iron Defense, increasing its damage and volume.

With a balloon, they are protected from ground movements until it bursts, but without it, Rearm can be destroyed by one earthquake.
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Drag alga
Bully Pokémon, as a rule, play an auxiliary role in battle, but damage can inflict damage, still helping his allies.
They have a very high indicator of special protection and access to acid armor, increasing their protection, which makes them bulky and from the physical side.
They have strong attacking techniques, such as Draco Meteor, Focus Blast and Hydro Pump, as well as many strong support techniques such as Acid Spray, Icy Wind and Chilling Water.
However, the biggest drawback of damage is their speed, but in Trick Room it can be a very serious threat.
In single battles, it is difficult to do anything to Damage, having not received a lot of damage at first, but in pair battles this is a little better with the help of a union Pokémon.


High speed and high special attack make Salable very strong, but their set of text makes it difficult to work with it.
Like Rearm, it has 4-time weakness for the ground, but very fragile.
Speed is the highest characteristic of the salad, which allows them to quickly inflict damage before they themselves receive damage.
Many other Pokémon can still overtake the sales and kill it with one shot, but for everything that they do faster, they can potentially kill him.
They are good Endeavor users, they can use Focus sash to bring them to one HP, and then use movement to bring Pokémon to one HP.
Salable with Nasty Plot should not be underestimated.
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Gen gar does a lot of what Salable does, but a little better.
The Hangar has a slightly lower speed than the salary, but has a much higher special attack that can kill many Pokémon in one movement.
The ghostly STAB Gen gar does not have many resistance, which allows them to simply use Shadow Ball again and again.
They perfectly use Haze, confronts many other Pokémon, such as London, and can also study Clear Smog to damage one goal when resetting statistics.
The ability of Gen gar, the damned body gives the Pokémon, which struck them, 30% of the disconnection of their movement, giving Gen gar the ability to turn off the Pokémon exclusively through the GSC.


Clod sir

Clodsire-a very bulky Pokémon that can have immunity to water with the ability to absorb water or their hidden ability, which ensures their safety, I do not know.
Ignorance makes it so that an increase in the characteristics from the opposing Pokémon will have no effect on the damage caused by Clod sire.
ClodS ire has many support techniques that make him a valuable ally in double battles, and it is very difficult to disable in single battles.
Devote and protection give an excellent combination to reliably strew Pokémon, while restoration allows Claudia to be healed.
Acid Spray and Helping Hand help to apply more damage poems, and Haze and Chilling Water can be used to weaken the opposing Pokémon.


Toxapex is incredibly hardy, and it is best to use it to confuse opponents and annoy your presence.
Baneful Bunker allows tape to protect yourself, forcing Pokémon to attack and poison them.
Their hidden capacity will heal them when they switch to 1/3 of their HP, allowing them to continue to poison and destroy opponents.
They have an Infestation movement that causes damage over time, as well as Acid Spray and ICY WIND to reduce the characteristics of the opposing Pokémon.
Tape is weak in relation to most steel-type Pokémon, since they cannot poison them, but, nevertheless, can be valuable supporting Pokémon.


Glimmora has a very high special attack and a decent ability that complements it.
Toxic garbage will lead to the fact that the poisonous spikes will be scattered around the enemy field when the glimmer receives damage from the physical movement.
They have good protective characteristics and good speed, which allows them to stay on the field for a long time.
They have 4-time weakness to the ground, which makes the penalization a good option for them.
Furthermore, they study Spiky Shield and even Explosion, as well as many special movements with high basic force, which can easily knock out opposing Pokémon.



Amungus is one of the most destructive Pokémon in the game, which has a high HP, good protection and one of the best techniques in the game-Spore.
Their hidden capacity of the regenerator allows him to survive even longer, turning off and restoring 1/3 of his maximum HP.
Fungus has a technique of powder of rage, which distracts attention from himself in double battles, giving a respite to Pokemon-senteners.
They can also use Pollen Puff to inflict damage or heal their Pokémon Sniper, Clear Smog to lose the enemy statistics, or Synthesis to heal himself.


Iron Moth shares 4-time weakness to the Earth, like many other poisonous type Pokémon in this list, but their incredibly high special attack and speed do this not a problem.
The iron moth has many techniques that they can use, including the wave of heat, a hurricane, a light gun, the discharge and even the buzzing of beetles.
While they move first, the one on whom they are aimed will almost certainly be knocked out.
Pokémon with high special protection will still receive a huge amount of damage, and Iron Moth can become even stronger using Electric Terran, Booster Energy, Choice Specs or Life Orb.
Like all future Paradox Pokémon, the ability of Iron Moth Quark Drive will lead to an increase in their highest characteristic by 30%, unless this is speed, in which case the increase is 50%.
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