After Riot Games publicly stated that it would appeal to pay the $10 million redemption for hacking its source code, hackers decided to auction the data they have in the clandestine market.
Registered on the pseudonym Ark at_001 and communicating with the pronoun we, implying that this is a group, the hackers established an initial bid of $700,000 for 72.4 GB of data with 572 thousand records from the developer
From League of Legends, Valorant, Team fight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift.

The consequences of Riot deny pay the rescue of its source code

According to a series of information, the main objective of hackers was to find Vanguard, Along anti-torn software.
Although Riot Games was able to avoid intrusion of hackers before they put their hands on the program, they still managed to steal data from another anti-cheat, Dacia, a custom version of Xigncode3, widely used in Asia, known to be used on servers
LOL South Koreans, although it is not possible to know if it is used in other servers of the game around the world.
The hackers also got an old version of Parkman, another lol and TFT anti-cheat, as well as the source codes of both these games.
According to the initial investigations, hackers were able to invade the Riot system using access by a company director, who was obtained from a text message that he would have sent to an employee, and that hackers used to enter the
Employee access.

Left or Riot Games Lie?

Initially, when Riot reported the community about the attack it suffered, he stressed that no personal information from the players had been obtained by the hackers, but they tell another version of this fact.
According to the group, they have access to some private data, in particular email addresses, as well as the possibility of using management commands to offer RP to players.


It is currently impossible to know whether these data concern all the servers in the world, or one in particular, nor are they concerned all players on the server or just one part.
In addition, hackers stated that they were not part of groups such as Roasted 0 ktapus or Scattered Spider, organizations known as stew data from various companies.
Finally, in theory they did not use any malware to invade the Riot database, although this information is not currently verifiable.