Origin stamped Episode 4 saw the introduction of two new characters, one of whom is a very popular character of the Origin series, a priest who has a large cross-shaped object.
When Vast, Beryl and Nero collide with the unfortunate man with the trailer attached to his cruise, Beryl chooses to take him to a nearby plant to help him.
The other new character introduced into the Origin stampede list is Marie The Beast, wearing a completely new appearance since his appearance in the 1998 anime. After picking up Nicholas D. Wolf wood, Vast and company rescue a child whose parents were killed
Fully unconscious of the two-front plot that their new companions are forming against them.

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Great appetite

Nicholas D Wolfwood-Trigun Stampede Episode 4
The fourth episode of Origin Stampede begins with three anonymous characters that enjoy a worm meat meal next to the fire when they see a man dressed in a black suit that carries a huge cross-shaped object on the back.
Clearly exhausted by crossing the desert, a foreground reveals sweat on its face, and its difficult breath is the last thing to be heard before the episode title card and the opening sequence.
The next scene shows Vast, Beryl and Nero driving his patrol car with a trailer in the back.
While Vast sleeps…