Intricate advancement survival game in Seattle at Ironwood Studios, Pacific Drive returns to the front of the stage by means of a publication of the PlayStation Blog after having actually already been announced in a State of Play last September.
Already artistically captivating, Pacific Drive tries to bring his own vision to the well represented category of the survival game.


Happening in an ominous world that developers call the Olympic exclusion zone, the video game places on the use of an excellent old highly customizable break, the only way to check out these desolate landscapes looking for resources, and return
On the fold with the cargo to fix and enhance your car.
All on behalf of the research of a company being called Area.
Tough to understand exactly what could have happened so that the world becomes so hostile, however the adventures outside the base will be marked by all sort of supernatural abnormalities.
Between the odd towers that release lightning on everything that approaches, the metallic saws that come out of the ground to lacerate your tires and the threatening sentries straight from an old sci-fi novel, exploration by vehicle or
On foot promises to be stressful.
And once again, we are made to comprehend that the most significant threat takes the form of a lot more unpredictable phenomenon than we call instability and which needs to be avoided at all expenses when the sky is tinged with a red
essentially disturbing.

One thing is certain, the improvement, adjustment and personalization of the car are continuously going back to these sequences, and we will definitely be entitled to information on this aspect of the video game by its release, for the moment scheduled for 2023 on PlayStation 5, Steam and Epic Games Shop.

Pacific Drive Bande-Annonce de Gameplay