The release of Hogwarts Tradition is accompanied by loud controversy.
Now the existence of a character in the Harry Potter RPG ensures discussion in the community.
Fans argue about what motivation lags the ranging NPC.


HOGWARTS LEGACY: Character supplies vertebrae

The release of Hogwarts Legacy continues to be revealed by Harry-Potter author J.K.

Rowling overshadowed.
Now a non-playable character in the RPG offers heated conversations in the neighborhood.
It has to do with the transgender character Girona Ryan and the question of what inspiration lags the appearance.

Harry Potter community argues via transgender NPC

Girona Ryan is a witch in Hogwarts Tradition who works as a bartender in the magical pub three brooms.
It is not one of the primary characters of the game, their presence on Twitter and Reddit triggers a dispute.
Since in view of the now in-depth transformed conversions of J.K.
Rowling develops regarding why Hogwarts Tradition is now introducing a transgender character into the Harry Potter universe.
(Source: Glamour).
While some fans invite the character and as a small signal by the designer to J.K.
Rowling translated, others consider the NPCs to be a marketing stunt, which should keep the debate far from the video game with mining.
Lots of analysts just see Computation Warner Bros. to appease the various critics-but if this should be the technique behind it, it clearly does not work out effectively.
(Source: Twitter).
This is just a middle finger to J.K.
Rowling and I think that’s fantastic. (Reddit user Jungle pygmy).
I am 100 percent sure that the character only exists to appease the J.K. Rowling enemies. (Reddit-user Yur0_356).
A brave relocation from the WB PR team.
Let’s see how it works for them. (Reddit user Razor).
This is exactly the very same as to state ‘I can’t be transfer, I have a transgender buddy. (Twitter user Astra Night fang).
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