There are so many chests around, full of excellent production and equipment that you can claim.
However, carrying all this valuable equipment with you can be a little difficult if you do not have additional slopes for equipment.
You do not want to miss the opening of the chest due to a crowded place, so this is the way that you may not leave chests by freeing the place directly from the menu of your equipment.

How to free up a place in the inventory in Hogwarts Legacy

The best way to make sure that you have a place for equipment that you will find in chests is always sure to go to Hogs mid and sell it for several galleons.
However, if you are in the middle of the quest or task, and you do not have time, there is a quick way to go around it and free up a little space.
Open the Gear menu and enter the mouse pointer to any of your items.
It is best to do this with objects that are no longer needed, with less useful characteristics or lower levels.
On the subject, you will notice to destroy next to the Equip button.
You can instantly delete the item from your inventory by pressing the button the left wand of your control down and confirming your choice.
This will open a little free space to open new chests, but you will not get the sales value of the object, and it cannot be returned after you destroy it.


This is a quick way to make room, but instead you can try to make several trips to Hogs mid for additional galleons or pass some tests of Merlin to get more space.
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