Hogwarts and the nearby Black Lake are full of surprises in the Hogwarts heritage, and the shore of water is no different.
Inside the rocky cliffs there is a cave filled with treasures that are waiting for them to be taken.
However, in order to get this treasure, you first need to solve a puzzle that protects the door.

Solution of Puzzles with Treasures of the Sarah Tractor in Hogwarts Legacy

To find a treasury, first leave Hogwarts from the southern entrance and go towards Hogs field.
You can find the cave along the Black Lake, north of the connection with the fireplace.
Lower Hogs field.
If you go along the main roads to get to the treasures, you will need to jump down along the cliff to get to the entrance to the cave on the shore.
Once there, you will notice several magically enchanted objects that will be highlighted in blue when used.

Some of these items, such as circular bathing on the beach, are actually used in the nearby test of Merlin, which can be found by climbing the hill along the shore back towards Hogwarts.
The only two objects on which you need to focus for the treasury is a magic cube and a round plate in front of the cave entrance.
Drag the cube on the plate with a share and then hit the confined cube.

This will make the runes engraved in a cube, light up, and the door to the cave will fall apart, opening the entrance.
Indio is not a strong spell enough to solve a puzzle.
For the entrance to the cave you will not receive a big reward, but you will get a couple of ocher gloves for the 21st level of the level of the 21st level, which will give you 48 attack points.
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