Last summer, Dead Island was unveiled 2 – after years of radio silence.

Again and once again the zombie video game was held off by publisher deep silver.
With the statement of a release date, all fans finally provided a lot of hope that the publication will lastly work.
And now the final confirmation exists.
The advancement group revealed today that Dead Island 2 officially accomplished gold status.
This means that absolutely nothing stands in the way of the release.


However, there is still a surprise!

brand-new consultation for Dead Island 2

After fans needed to sustain messages about late releases recently, Dead Island 2 will be traded earlier than planned.
The launch was moved forward by precisely a week.
This suggests that the zombie title from the 21.
April 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC offered.
If you want to get Dead Island 2 for your computer, you will just discover the video game in the Impressive Games Store.
There is no date for Steam.

in Germany only cut

For a long time now it has actually also been clear that we can just purchase Dead Island 2 in Germany in a cut version.
A modification was made so that the title can appear in Germany with a US approval from the age of 18.
Accordingly, it is no longer possible to add additional damage to the ground.
We have integrated a current trailer for the video game listed below for you.
Pre-orders for Dead Island 2 (purchase now EUR 59.99) are still possible.
You will get two in-game benefits if you pick the purchase in advance.
These are skins for the baseball bat in the video game.
With the exclusive Hell-A Edition you will get the Season Pass, a collector and a steel book’s figure from Amy.
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