A graphic comparison to Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC now supplies details on the performance of the role-playing game on the various platforms.


The analysis of ElanalistaBits shows that Hogwarts Legacy has 5 different display modes.
The quality mode, for instance, shows comparable settings as with high/ultra on the PC with 1800p and 30fps without ray tracing.
In the ray tracing mode, the results on shadows and reflections (other than the water) along with shadows and ambient occlusion are revealed in a hybrid way with conventional lighting.
Ray tracing is stated to produce a sound on consoles and PC on some surface areas.

You have to compromise on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 if you have an indication and the texture quality if you select Ray tracing.
There are no choices for ray tracing on Xbox Series S.
While the performance of ray tracing on the PS5 is much better, the Xbox Series X ratings in all other modes with a much better frame rate.
The analysis also reveals that the PS5 can reveal brief filling times.
There, the shadow in quality mode is also higher than on the Xbox Series X.
When moving through the rooms, a stuttering in all variations was found within the castle and.
You might even get stuck in the door with a transition.
You can discover even more details from the analysis in the video.