Honkies Star Rail increases the expectations of fans to witness the official release soon.
The new Hoovers fantasy RPG, a company responsible for Genshin Impact and Honkies Impact 3rd, has open pre-registration registration.
The official pre-registration page accounts for more than 2 million registrations.


With this new Hoovers step, many believe the game may be getting closer to its debut as it is currently in its last closed beta available to some players.

How to perform the pre-registration?

For PC users, registrations are available on the official Honkies: Star Rail website with no deadline so far.
Check out how to apply:
1. Access the official Honkies website: Star Rail;
2. In Sign-Up, login with your Hoovers account;
3. Select the Pre-register now option;
4. After all these steps, it will be registered in the game.
Regarding mobiles, Apple Store and Google Store app stores are also open.

Just go to the store and look for Honkies Star Rail in search.
Despite recent movements around Honkies Star Rail, the game has no official date to be released.
However, in recent Apple Store leakage the bet is for April 26 this year.
On the other hand, even if the rumor is wrong, the chances of release still in 2023 are high.

rewards and pre-registration draw

To stimulate players to join the game’s prior registration, Horse has proposed some goals, which will unlock rewards inside and outside the game.
With the mark of 2 million, users will have a chance to receive credits, Star Rail passes and the Avatar Pathfinders: Welcome.
See the full list of goal-based rewards:
500,000 pre-registrations: 50 thousand credit;
1 million pre-registrations: three-Star Rail Pass;
2 million pre-registrations: an avatar Pathfinders: Welcome;
3,500 million pre-registrations: Serial, 4-star character;
5 million pre-registrations: 15 Passes Star Rail;
When the number of followers on social networks reaches 2,500 million: two-Star Rail passes and 50,000 credit.
On his social networks, Honkies Star Rail also revealed the draw in celeation of the pre-registration.
There will be 100 Amazon vouchers in the amount of $100 each.
To participate, the user must follow the official Star Rail account on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #HonkAistarrailpreregestration by Feuary 15.