Frankenstein welcomes: With this Benjamin-Franklin sequel experiment, Batman will probably attempt to get the abilities of The Flashback.

Source: Warner Bros.
2 Barrys work together-not?
As part of the film, Ezra Miller can constantly be seen in 2 variants, which can also be explained by the timeline.


Our Barry lands, so to speak, worldwide of another Barry.
Together they attempt to avoid the mess.
But can you truly trust the 2nd Barry?
His choice of colors looks threatening, with a concentrate on yellow in contrast to the red of The Flash.
In the comics, Barry’s nemesis is the reverse flash in the yellow clothing.
So we highly presume that it finally pertains to confrontation between the 2.
For instance, because the timeline could just be fixed with the restored death of Barry’s mother.
Ezra Miller plays itself in The Flash twice-is the Barry in the yellow hoodie of the reverse flash, the notorious nemesis from the comics?
Source: Warner Bros. Are you anticipating the movie for The Flash?
How do you find the idea of a reset for the DC universe about this film?
Did you check out the flash point comic?
Or likewise seen the animated flash point movie?
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As early as 2014, the statement of a solo movie was the superhero The Flash – And this year it was finally time.
The Flash pertains to the movie theater on June 16, 2023.
However, with the stress of the DC universe, which is being turned really upside down, some are no longer clear what they can count on in the film.
The most recent trailer from Superbowl 2023 makes sure clarity and a lot of buzz amongst comic fans.
They recognize some elements.
We took a close look at the trailer and inform you which highlights of it already An teases.
Attention, we react to some aspects of the comics, which can be analyzed as a spoiler!
By the way, the comic and its animated film adaptation are the best preparation for the motion picture:
Flash point – The legendary comic that let the Comic universes of DC began again
Justice League: Flash point Paradox – The rousing animated film for DC comic

The Flash: Highlight moments of the new trailer

  • Barry Allen forms new timeline with a large variety of changes: As in the comic, Flash point is the outcome a parallel world that the flash produces through a journey through time.
    Since he wishes to avoid his mother’s death, he has actually not taken into consideration what could alter.
    And he fulfills numerous innovations…
  • Michael Keaton as Batman!
    The most crucial change of this timeline, obviously, first: Yes, Michael Keaton, the Batman actor from Batman (1989) and Batman’s return (1992) slips back into the role of his version of Batman after 31 years.
    The cool Bambi and the yellow Batman logo included!
    In the trailer we can already see that this Batman will be a lot more nimble and more active-thanks to the Modern CGI.
  • General God is back: While it is really a flash movie, there will be some other famous comic characters in addition to Batman.
    Consisting of God, played by Michael Shannon (as in Guy of Steel).
    The performance of Shannon has actually remembered numerous cinema-goers, appropriately they are really delighted about their return.
    What a return: In addition to Michael Keaton as Batman, Michael Shannon in the Flash will likewise be seen once again as General God.
    Source: Warner Bros.
  • Not a superman, however: In this world created by Flash there seems to be no meta-humans, i.e. individuals with supernatural strengths Wonder Female, Aquaman and even Superman seems to be missing.
    So there is no comic plot that provides a world war on Atlantis vs. Themyscira.
    The Flash: The coolest highlights of the brand-new trailer to the DC film!
    (3) Source: Warner Bros.
  • Flash point superman is changed by Super girl: The trailer currently reveals that an essential minute of the comic is adopted-a tryptophan is caught and artificially weakened.
    However, this time it is Kara Sorrel aka Super girl.
    In the comic template, Superman should be sent out to Earth as a lead for an intrusion, however understood absolutely nothing about a problem in his memory crystals.
    Did Kara also arrive at earth?
    Something is clear: the enormous power of a tryptophan like in Man of Steel are absolutely caught.
    Sasha Called in a special super girl outfit from The Flash (2023) Source: Warner Bros.
  • Bat fleck is also on board!
    For The Flash, Ben Affleck slips into his outfit once again as a dark knight of Gotham.
    So he will not just be seen as a Bruce Wayne, but likewise in action: a chase with Bat fleck reveals that his costume is blue-gray and need to for that reason also advise you of the old-school frank-miller comics,
    which Batman V Superman was likewise based.
    Ben Affleck will probably just be seen at the start of the film by changing the timeline.
    The Dark Knight Returns: Blue and gray is said to have Batman’s Bat fleck will use the appearance of the iconic Frank-Miller comics in The Flash.
    Source: Warner Bros.
  • The flash ring as a lovely comic information: In a short recording you can see that the makers of the movie have lastly handled an apparent feature of the comics, namely the Barry’s ring.
    In this high-tech fashion jewelry there is the outfit of the quick hero, so that he can switch to his outfit at any time.
    Comic information: This ring consists of the costume of The Flash.
    Source: Warner Bros.
  • The flash has actually lost its strength: the scenes revealed suggest that Barry needs to do without its high speed in the new timeline or the experiment that the Speed Force gave him.
    The Bataan on a rope in a thunderstorm and Barry, which is carried up by Super girl into the clouds, highly recommend that the comic scene ends up on the screen with a certain flash experiment.