We have actually already told you lots of features of Hogwarts Legacy: from plants and also ingredients to the mops, as well as extra!
This guide does not disclose terrific tricks, however it can be absolutely helpful if you are wanting to enhance in enchanting fighting and/or complete the area overview.
I inform you everything you should learn about fight sands.

Hogwarts Heritage Fight Arenas

Unlike the collectibles, Hogwarts Tradition’s battle sands can be located as well as triggered without finding their matching goal.
You have to go to a small village located north of the Beecroft region (west of the map) if you desire to do points in order.
It is very easy to locate, because it is in the corridor that you enter if you originate from the north part of the map.
Because town you can speak to a girl that sends you to the first fight sand to examine her as well as inform her just what.
The goal has no more significance than to show you that there are such sands.
There are a total of 3 fight sands: two normal and also one unique to the DLC of the dark arts.
The two normal are located south of the Beecroft area and in the swampy location that are north of the map.
They have no loss.
The sand of the dark arts is situated southern of the restricted woodland.


If you don’t have the DLC, you can not access it.
It is essential to keep in mind that in the sand of the dark arts you will have an option of predefined spells: Confringing, Arvada Cedar, Crucial as well as Realm.
To put it simply, restricted and unforgivable magic.
As well as what are the fight sands?
They have no enigma: it damages all the flower holders around and also the gold statue will certainly open up the arms, communicate as well as enter a hordes fight sand.
Survive minority rounds there voilà and are.
When the complete ones, you get the outfit of the Ash winders and burglar coat in the normal sands and the duelist mask in the dark arts sand.

If you are aiming to boost in magical battles and/or complete the obstacles of the area guide, particularly those centered on battle, after that the battle sands are your finest pals:

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