Light cones are set phenomena, secured inside items of pure light, reflecting the memories of personalities and the world.
Although they have the kind of cards in Honkies: Celebrity Rail, they act as a weapon, giving the proprietor with characteristics and passive perk.
That’s all you require to understand about light cones in Star Rail is from their receipt to enhancement, imposition as well as much a lot more.
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What are light cones in Honkies: Celebrity Rail?
Exactly how to obtain light cones in Honkies: Star Rail
Exactly how to enhance light cones in Honkies: Celebrity Rail-Enhance, Ascent, Superimpose
Improving the level (renovation).

What are light cones in Honkies: Celebrity Rail?

Light cones play the very same function as the weapon of Genshin Impact.
These items have 3 rarities: three stars, 4 stars and also 5 star.
Each light cone by default has three basic characteristics (HP, ATK, Def) as well as a passive reward called the ability of a light cone.
When a character of the same path outfits a light cone, this perk can just be activated.
Light cones with four and also 5 star generally have memories of a specific character, but this does not impact that can use them.
The light cone only silence is represented by the memory of Dan Hang and also is intended for the personalities of the hunting course.
Anybody can own this cone of light, however only the personalities that adhere to the methods of hunting can obtain its capacity to cone light.


Just how to get light cones in Honkies: Celebrity Rail.

There are several ways to obtain light cones, but one of the most constant methods to obtain them is to attempt your luck either in a common banner or light cone.
The Light Cone banner usually has 5 star with a boost in the rating with a warranty of its invoice after several presses.
This permits you to obtain a particular light cone for which you are combating.
Other methods to get light cones consist of, among other things, the following:.
Starlight Exchange in store menu.
Goal awards.
Award for raising the degree of a worker of the HERA room station for interior acquisitions.
Honor for the 30th level of Anonymous Magnificence (paid fight pass).

Exactly how to enhance light cones in Honkies: Star Rail-Enhance, Climb, Superimpose.

progressing (enhancement).

Light cones can be boosted by clicking on the symbol to enhance the button in the light cone food selection.
Your main resources of experience will certainly be:.
Other light cones.

  • Slid ether.
  • Condensed ether.
    Ethers can be gotten from Carlos, awards for goal and other facets of the gameplay.
    You will additionally require forking out on a financing for each level.


Having actually gotten to a landmark, you can climb the light cone utilizing products for renovation to raise its fundamental characteristics as well as optimal degree, approximately the degree of 80. Products for renovation differ for each light cone and can mostly be gotten from cocoon.


Putting is the process of serving a duplicate of the light cone, which boosts the effectiveness of the capability of the light cone.
You can use a light cone to four times, which will certainly require a total of five copies of the very same item.
The light cone that you make use of as food does not call for an increase in degree or rising.
To prepare your next Light Cone Warp, reviewed the Honkies Celebrity Rail: the present banner and also who will be the complying with?
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