We arrived at the last date of the regular phase within the Honor Division with a Split that has been quite interesting with roster changes that gave great surprises to make the squads increased their level and showed a new face of the Horde team
That remains the only undefeated team of the tournament, now it will be to know who the teams that are classified for the next stage are.
Starting with Leviathan’s duel against Others that takes an interesting turn with the selection of a seaman in the middle part for Zero that works quite well to be able to be able to a large amount of mass control in his favor, the marine dragon squad
Take the favorable situation for them leaving the snakes behind the point that puts them ahead.
The second contest would be Plant against Even
The advantage that helped them maintain control of the stage, in this way the dragon squad manages to keep the undefeated.


During the next meeting The Kings Moons faces Tomorrow Esports being the team of tomorrow who is placed at the lead thanks to the One de Strensh that shows his potential to make opposites fall on several occasions, leaving a good opening for the advantage to make the advantage so that the advantage
It is extended little by little and manage to end the departure of your Lady to advance to the next stage.
In the last game we saw 19 eSports against Peek Gaming that sought to fight the upper part of the table, but it would be Liquiddiego that will show proactivity within the competition with its Segueing to ambush on several occasions the opponents generating a wide advantage for the squad of 19
that he manages to settle things on his side to take the point that leaves them assured second place.

In this way the regular phase of the Honor Division concludes where we saw a quite interesting tournament with a Plant team that remained from start to finish in the first position of the table, on the other hand the middle part was quite close but 19 eSports
He manages to maintain his second place followed by Peek and Leviathan, now with the first finished stage we have the next date with the playoffs where victory is necessary to stay in the competition.