Fans have accused Winter Love Island producers to reduce Kai Pagan’s screen time and his partner Sana Harridan.
Kai began his trip to Winter Love Island as one of the original members of the cast of the program.
After its failed connection with Panel Evan, Kai quickly passed Olivia Hawkins.
The two were going well until the house test love. Surprisingly, Kai and Olivia returned from Casey Armor with another person, which automatically ended their romance.
However, in the days that followed, Kai’s relationship with the girl at Casey Armor, Sana, left an impression on fans.
With the last bombs introduced in the town that end with the coupling of Casey and Claudia and the spectators exhausted by the relationship of Lana and Ron, there seems to be a clear path to the final for Kai and Sana.
The two have been building their great connection from Casey Armor, with Kai winning more followers after facing their ex-girlfriend Olivia, who is also the most controversial contestant of this season.
Fans believe that Kai and Sana have a genuine connection and are delighted with the way the couple has avoided the entire drama in the town.
However, program spectators have noticed that the duo has not appeared more on the screen lately.
The spectators also expressed concern about the isolation of Sana of the group chats that involve the other girls.
The general feeling among fans is that Kai and Sana have been eliminated from the program and have none of that.

Fans think that producers prioritize drama

Several of the program fans who have problems with the lack of air time of Kai and Sana took the conversation to Reddit, where they started a thread.


Love Island fans commented on the subject and many echoed the feelings that producers only focus on problematic couples.
The original post that started the thread expressed its disappointment because the producers stopped giving Kai time to the air, and they heal immediately after fans begin to like.
The OP said that the producers expected a love triangle that involved Kai, Olivia and Sana.
However, when it did not happen, they stopped following the story between Kai and Sana.
Many of the users agreed with the OP and went further by criticizing the producers for the predictable history involving Claudia’s love triangle, Casey and Rosie.
Some fans even said that this season has been a bit boring and lacks quality content.
One of the fans even suggested that Kai and Sana can begin to have some time in the air once they begin to have problems in their relationship.

The fan wrote:
Literally, there is nothing to show, so the other loved couples do not have time in the air.
They will begin to show Kai and Sana when they have problems.
A couple only gets many scenes if you have problems.
Something similar happened with Ron and Lana for much of the season.
The producers focused a lot on the previously turbulent relationship of the couple.
However, their time in front of the screen has been drastically reduced since they became a more grounding couple.
The same happened when Tanya and Shaw began to experience relationship problems after home love. The couple had more time in the air during those few days than during the first weeks of their relationship.
So, it is not surprising that Kai Sana appears less at Winter Love Island.
It is a testimony of the strength of their relationship, and if they can maintain the course, they will have a good opportunity to reach the final.