Playing a survival terror game like Sons of the Forest can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether your armor or weapons are enough or not against cannibal mutants.
The recently released sequel to The Forest offers players a good selection of weapons options to arm themselves, from the most appropriate for more distance attacks to the best for the closest, close and personal combat situation.
A truly powerful and easy to get a machete.


If you are wondering where to find the machete in children of the forest for yourself, read below.

Image source: through end night
The first thing to do to locate the machete in Sons of the Forest is to open its GPS map and look for the area shown below.
You will find the weapon along the coast near some rubber boats and disinflated campaign stores.
It will be in one of the unified boats mentioned as shown below.
All you need to do is approach the machete and press E on your keyboard to enter your inventory.
When you want to equip it, simply open your inventory by pressing I and then click on the machete.

If you have problems finding it between the boats, walk on them and look down until the game tells you that E pressures and pick it up.
You will know that you are looking at the right area if you see a couple of green tents behind you.
Image source: through end night
Now that you know where to find the machete in children of the forest you can go to the beach and take yours.
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